Thursday, February 28, 2008

Park last weekend

Thank goodness we took advantage of the 60 degree weather last Saturday! Because a cold front soon came in after that and we've been freezing! And stuck in the house, unfortunately. We have not done one exciting thing this week. No cute crafts, no fun outtings. I feel so boring. I feel like all I do is cart the kids back and forth from school and therapy. Oh, wait. I took the dog to the groomer this week. Exciting, huh?

So, no new pictures from me. But I do have ones from last weekend to blog about. We ended up going to the park at 5:00 PM on Saturday. The day was warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, but by the time evening came, it was cool enough for jackets. Except Jaina refuses to wear one. Not a battle I care to fight, she is responsible enough to put on a jacket if she gets cold enough :)

Anyway, here are some pictures. I especially love the one of Jayce's toes. But then again, I'm a sucker for cute toes :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jayce's turn

And what did Jayce do during this so-called fashion show?

He danced and was in charge of the radio, of course!

We only got him changed into one outfit, his new swim trunks, muscle tank top, and new sandals. That's all he'd tolerate! Not into fashion like his sister!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fashion Show

Its that time of the year again!

The weather has been absolutely crazy. 30's one day. Almost 70 the next! And I realized that both my kids barely had any shorts or t-shirts in their new sizes! Drat those growing kids! My husband wants to know why we can't just make them wear towels. Instead, I painfully make him part with money twice a year to outfit our children in new clothes for the season.

Old Navy was having a 40% sale. Instead of pulling my whiney family through the store, Jaina helped me shop online during Jayce's nap time. I really dislike internet shopping and am very scared of identity theft. But we risked it just this once for sake of ease.

The clothes came 5 days later. We spent just over $200 and got 33 pieces of clothing for both kids! (And two shirts for me, shhhh... don't tell Brian!) I'd say we done good!

Jaina couldn't wait to try on her new outfits. She wanted to do a fashion show. We turned on the radio in the living room and she used my bedroom as her dressing room. Her expressions remind me of the movie Zoolander. She's definitely a model with a sense of humor!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Say a Prayer, Send good vibes, Think good thoughts

A very amazing and strong woman, whom I am so pleased to know through my Attachment Parenting online group, recently gave birth 4 weeks early to her 5th child, Killian. Although the unexpected arrival turned into a smooth home birth, they soon realized that Killian was not holding his body temperature nor breathing well. He was quickly transported to the hospital where he still is today. Although he is off the ventilator, his parents do not know when they'll be able to take their newborn son home. Please, please, please, keep this family in your thoughts regardless if you know them or not.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a long boring week its been...

Last Saturday, I took Jaina to Emily's birthday party at a local skating rink. Jaina's only been skating once before, when Jayce was about 5 months old! This time she was too old (or, her feet were too big!) to wear those practice skates, so she had to brave the regular 4 wheeled ones. She was terrified the entire lap she made it around! I tried to think of ways to actually teach her what to do, but I couldn't. I can't explain how I can skate, I just do it. And boy did I have fun! Jaina ended up running around the lobby with her best friend Anna which left me free to skate a few laps. One of the 8 year old party guests complimented me and said I was the best skater there! :P

Oh, and taking pictures while you skate is not recommended with a regular POS digital like mine. I had to delete a billion blurry photos :P

Later that day, Gray came by to take Jaina to a children's opera at the Arts Center. They both loved it! This 15 year old started a literacy program all by herself and raised enough money to buy each member of the audience a book about Johann Sebastian Bach. Its a really funny book, even for a work of non-fiction! Jaina says she can't wait to go to the opera again with Gray.

On Tuesday, we were all sick. Or, I thought we were all getting sick. Turns out that Jayce just slept a lot, Jaina was fine, and *I* was the only one to come down with a cold. But we canceled school and therapy anyway and had what my mom calls a "Mental health" day :) I mainly laid on the couch and read while Jayce and Jaina played quietly. My mom came over to bring us lunch and sprite (I always have to have sprite or ginger ale when I'm sick!).

I'm not really a Jigsaw kinda gal, but Jaina's discovered that she loves them, and is pretty good at putting them together! She lets me find all the edge and corner pieces to build the frame while she goes right to work on the middle part. We make a pretty good team! This one was 100 pieces, the biggest that she's done before.

Sadly, Jayce's Early Intervention Coordinator, Carmen, left her EI job to take a teaching position in another district. Although we wish her the best, and we are excited to have Alexis join our team of therapists, we will miss Carmen greatly. Not only was she great at her job, but she truly loved Jayce, as she did all her kids. She's been with us from the beginning, as soon as we called Babynet last September.

Carmen left us with some books that Jayce loves. And every once in a while, he'll actually let me open them up and read the words on the pages! But mostly he just likes to put the letter books in order :) He's so proud of himself!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Milestone for Jayce

Most people wouldn't call this an actual "milestone", but in our family, it kinda is. See, Brian (who loves his structure and routine) washes the cars every other Saturday. Without fail. In rain or shine. In 100 degree weather and in 30 degree weather. If its a "Car Saturday" then that's what he is doing.

Since Jaina was about 14 or 15 months old (pretty much the summer after she turned 1), she would toddle over to the soap bucket, dip her kitchen sponge into the bubbles and "help" daddy wash the car. Then he'd let her help spray with the hose, which was her favorite part. Of course she got soaking wet, but that was only part of the fun of car washing day. I have several adorable pictures of Jaina as a toddler helping Daddy, but unfortunately, none of them are scanned and on my computer.

The summer after Jayce turned one was quite different than Jaina's. We discovered that Jayce was afraid of water... both seeing it spray and swimming in a pool. He quickly conquered his fear of pools by the end of summer, but still did not like fountains, sprinklers, rain, hoses, etc. And although he LOVES to clean things up (just like his daddy!) he does not like to get bubbles on him. Its "sticky", he says in his own words.

So, sadly, Jayce would not wash cars with Daddy. Most of the time, he wouldn't even stand to be outside and even watch the water spray.

But last weekend, guess what happened???

I had taken Jayce down the street on his new tricycle that he got for Christmas. He can't peddle on it, but just the fact that he is willing to get on it now is huge progress! Anyway, we turned around and got back to our driveway. Brian was already washing the cars. Jayce just sat and stared.

I said, "Go help daddy?"
"Help daddy?", he replied, which usually means he's agreeing to do what you just said.
"Wash car?", I asked again.
"All-gone wash car", he said, now with a bit of panic in his voice.
"Okay, all-gone wash car," I reassured him.
"Wash car?" he repeated again.
"Get off?" he asked me to help him get off his trike. He slowly walked over to the cars. Then he quickly backed up when Brian sprayed the hose. But Jayce didn't scream or cry. He became fascinated with the hose instead. I lured him to the bucket of suds with the promise of him to see "bubbles" and helped him get some bubbles on his sponge.

The rest was history :) Daddy's got his little helper now!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentine's day

We started out by making cupcakes the night before and putting the finishing touches on our Valentine Cell Phones that we made. We got the idea from the February issue of the Family Fun magazine, so I can't take any credit! I went to FIVE different stores before finally finding the old fashion candy buttons at the local Cracker Barrel. I love that place!

Then my mom took Jayce to work with her at the Arts Center while I attended Jaina's class party.

We went to go pick up Jayce, only to find him completely asleep in Gray's lap. Jaina colored while I held him to sleep in my arms for an hour.

Then it was off to the park since the weather was nice! I never did get my picture of the two of them together that I wanted so badly. Oh well!

We got home and were a little disappointed that no flowers awaited us. Then Brian called to tell me that the florist delivered them to our neighbor's house instead since we weren't home. I got a beautiful bouquet of tulips and Jaina got a single red rose (like beauty and the beast, you know?). Then my friend Michelle surprised me with a cookie bucket of homemade decorated cookies.

We certainly felt the love yesterday!