What a long boring week its been...

Last Saturday, I took Jaina to Emily's birthday party at a local skating rink. Jaina's only been skating once before, when Jayce was about 5 months old! This time she was too old (or, her feet were too big!) to wear those practice skates, so she had to brave the regular 4 wheeled ones. She was terrified the entire lap she made it around! I tried to think of ways to actually teach her what to do, but I couldn't. I can't explain how I can skate, I just do it. And boy did I have fun! Jaina ended up running around the lobby with her best friend Anna which left me free to skate a few laps. One of the 8 year old party guests complimented me and said I was the best skater there! :P

Oh, and taking pictures while you skate is not recommended with a regular POS digital like mine. I had to delete a billion blurry photos :P

Later that day, Gray came by to take Jaina to a children's opera at the Arts Center. They both loved it! This 15 year old started a literacy program all by herself and raised enough money to buy each member of the audience a book about Johann Sebastian Bach. Its a really funny book, even for a work of non-fiction! Jaina says she can't wait to go to the opera again with Gray.

On Tuesday, we were all sick. Or, I thought we were all getting sick. Turns out that Jayce just slept a lot, Jaina was fine, and *I* was the only one to come down with a cold. But we canceled school and therapy anyway and had what my mom calls a "Mental health" day :) I mainly laid on the couch and read while Jayce and Jaina played quietly. My mom came over to bring us lunch and sprite (I always have to have sprite or ginger ale when I'm sick!).

I'm not really a Jigsaw kinda gal, but Jaina's discovered that she loves them, and is pretty good at putting them together! She lets me find all the edge and corner pieces to build the frame while she goes right to work on the middle part. We make a pretty good team! This one was 100 pieces, the biggest that she's done before.

Sadly, Jayce's Early Intervention Coordinator, Carmen, left her EI job to take a teaching position in another district. Although we wish her the best, and we are excited to have Alexis join our team of therapists, we will miss Carmen greatly. Not only was she great at her job, but she truly loved Jayce, as she did all her kids. She's been with us from the beginning, as soon as we called Babynet last September.

Carmen left us with some books that Jayce loves. And every once in a while, he'll actually let me open them up and read the words on the pages! But mostly he just likes to put the letter books in order :) He's so proud of himself!


  1. There's that awesome free rug. LOL

    Hey, I just loved going through this entry. Pretty children, awesome pictures. And LOL @ all the blurries you got while skating. Believe me that won't change even with a nice digital camera. (hee!)

  2. Sprite and Gingerale always makes me feel better too! I had a day l like that on Wednesday. I love the fact that Justin stays quietly by me, while I lay on the couch. The boys had colds last week too.
    Jaina looks so pretty with her grandmother. I love the kids playroom, so bright and sunny. Wow, a skating party. I haven't braved a skating party with Joshua yet. Maybe soon.
    Don't worry about blurry pictures, just think of them as Lomography. Open the shutter up and let it rip. You get some interesting eye candy. All your pictures are great :) That's great that Jayce is putting letter's in order and reading words, Wow! that is fantastic. Joshua likes puzzles too, Jaina and Joshua are so much alike :)


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