Fashion Show

Its that time of the year again!

The weather has been absolutely crazy. 30's one day. Almost 70 the next! And I realized that both my kids barely had any shorts or t-shirts in their new sizes! Drat those growing kids! My husband wants to know why we can't just make them wear towels. Instead, I painfully make him part with money twice a year to outfit our children in new clothes for the season.

Old Navy was having a 40% sale. Instead of pulling my whiney family through the store, Jaina helped me shop online during Jayce's nap time. I really dislike internet shopping and am very scared of identity theft. But we risked it just this once for sake of ease.

The clothes came 5 days later. We spent just over $200 and got 33 pieces of clothing for both kids! (And two shirts for me, shhhh... don't tell Brian!) I'd say we done good!

Jaina couldn't wait to try on her new outfits. She wanted to do a fashion show. We turned on the radio in the living room and she used my bedroom as her dressing room. Her expressions remind me of the movie Zoolander. She's definitely a model with a sense of humor!


  1. Your so on top of things. The weather down here has been summer, and my poor kids are still wearing jeans and sweatpants. Jaina's clothes look great! I will start looking for sales.


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