New Foods

Jayce actually swallowed 4 bites of oatmeal today at Feeding Therapy. I am so amazed at all they can do for him there. First, they do brushing and joint compressions. Then they give him an activity he likes to do (put little colored plastic chips in a container) while priming his mouth with non-food items (mostly vibrating rubber things that look way too much like something else!) and then she sneaks in some food. He has to start out with touching the spoon to his lips 5 times. Then he has to lick the food item 5 times. And today he took 4 bites (the 5th one he spit out). Now, he didn't like it, and he gagged a lot on it, and ended up not accepting it, but I'm still amazed at his progress.

And speaking of progress... Jaina is reading! Really reading! Recognizing sight words, repeating patterns, and sounding out words she doesn't know by looking at the picture for context clues. Her new school is awesome!


  1. Yes, all of a sudden they start to read. It is a magical moment. I still remember Joshua's first book, Harold and the Purple Crayon. Yeah, for Jaina.

    That is so good with Jayce, oatmeal is a "love or hate" thing. Joshua hates it, and Justin likes it.

    I am proud of his progress!

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Does he have an eating problem?

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    So he got autism at 17 months? I had no idea that could happen. Was there a trigger?


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