Park last weekend

Thank goodness we took advantage of the 60 degree weather last Saturday! Because a cold front soon came in after that and we've been freezing! And stuck in the house, unfortunately. We have not done one exciting thing this week. No cute crafts, no fun outtings. I feel so boring. I feel like all I do is cart the kids back and forth from school and therapy. Oh, wait. I took the dog to the groomer this week. Exciting, huh?

So, no new pictures from me. But I do have ones from last weekend to blog about. We ended up going to the park at 5:00 PM on Saturday. The day was warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, but by the time evening came, it was cool enough for jackets. Except Jaina refuses to wear one. Not a battle I care to fight, she is responsible enough to put on a jacket if she gets cold enough :)

Anyway, here are some pictures. I especially love the one of Jayce's toes. But then again, I'm a sucker for cute toes :)


  1. Wow, great park! Jaina and Jayce look so happy. The weather has been a bit cooler for the past two days down here and it feels so great! I changed my blog url: ifihadaphotographofyou I know it's long, but it matches the header of the blog. Be sure to update your blog, so we can stay in touch :)

  2. There's no SNOW in your pictures!!! I'm so jealous LOL

    The kids look like they're having so much fun :)


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