Jayce's turn

And what did Jayce do during this so-called fashion show?

He danced and was in charge of the radio, of course!

We only got him changed into one outfit, his new swim trunks, muscle tank top, and new sandals. That's all he'd tolerate! Not into fashion like his sister!


  1. I love it. How fun. Jayce is so smart and loveable. I wish I could be up there with you. I was showing Joshua baby pictures of Jaina tonight, he laughed and Justin got confused. You are right, we are very fortunate to have seen you and your family twice last year. I hope someday I can visit you at your home town. I would love that :) You are in my thoughts. Your such a strong smart mom! You are an inspiration and role model to me :) Thank you for always taking the time to call me and check on us. I really do appreciate it.


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