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I am super behind on picture uploading, photo editing, naming files, and blogging. I have not had much time to spend on the computer at all. However, my son has. He can independently work a computer mouse, click on "bookmarks" folder, scroll down to his website of choice, then click on all the appropriate links to get to the games he wants to play. He has been spending HOURS upon hours at my computer playing Nick, Playhouse,, and Thomas the tank Saying "dot com" is also a new phrase for him.

While Jayce has been busy at the computer, Jaina has been busying playing at the park and helping me cook. We have had a great week together :) She is still loving her new school and is making a lot of friends! We are hard at work on her valentine cell phones (taken from the Family Fun Magazine) to get them done by Thursday.

Here's some pictures of Jaina. She played in the rain with an umbrella:

Then she mastered the pole at the park:

Jaina decided to make her own soup this week. She put whatever she wanted in there and used a butter knife to cut. It was pretty interesting!


  1. I just subscribed to Family Fun magazine - they have lots of neat things. I first read it at the doctor's office.

    But what exactly DID Jaina put in her soup? Did she eat what she cooked? Did you and Brian? :)

  2. She put mozzarella string cheese, butter, hot dog, chicken broth, milk, and a whole lot of green spices from the spice rack! I had a bite... it was hard to eat because the cheese didn't melt well. But it was tasty :)

  3. Jaina, has a creative side even when it comes to food. I remember when she was down here she created her own sandwich. All by herself.

    Jayce is amazing. Most children in kindergarten or 1st grade don't even know how to do that. Great job! Jeremy finally had to get Joshua his own computer because Joshua always monopolized mine, I am sure you will be doing the same for Jayce soon.


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