Do it myself...

Eek. I tackled two projects this past Friday that I've never done before.

Cutting Jayce's hair with scissors:

And putting together cheap furniture:


  1. hey - good job on the hair. i always think about how much money i would save if i could cut hair, but i just can't! cute furniture piece also!

  2. I used to cut my husband's hair but haven't attempted it in a while. He keeps giving our hard-earned money to the ladies at walmart that cut it! I need to get new trimmers and start again.

    Jayce looks so handsome as always - I love the second one down - his eyes are beautiful!

  3. wow jess, his eyes!!! they're beautiful...

    good job on the haircut, mama...i cannot do that for all the money in the world. (but dh can...) :)

  4. That is a great haircut! I love the window in that room you were building the piece of furniture. I love the picture of the piece of furniture against the wall. So minimal, but says so much. Great job~!


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