Tuesday, October 30, 2012

9 Months

Some happy baby decided to turn 9 months the other day.

I can't believe she's been out as long as she was in! I don't know why, but I feel like 9 months is a major milestone. It is unreal to me that she will be turning 1 in three short months!

Let's see what she's up to now...

- had her first real sickness and ear infection and also her first time with antibiotics.
- weighs 18 lbs
- takes 4-5 small bottles a day
- prefers baby food and eats that 3-4 times a day
- doesn't like stage 3 chunky food or most table foods yet
- can hold her own sippy cup... but can't tip it up to get any water out. This results on it being thrown on the floor
- STILL is not bearing weight on her legs
- but can army crawl with the best of them. Hardwood floors are your favorite surface to scoot on!
- can wave bye-bye, clap, pat, give "hi-five!" and put things on your head to play "peek-a-boo".
- you also "dance" when a song comes on or your sister sings "Call me Maybe".
- you like to grab. A lot. Noses, glasses, hair, necklaces, shirts, anything in my hands....
- you only have two teeth still. With the amount of teething that you are doing, you'd think you'd have the whole set by now!
- you STILL wake up once a night for a 4 oz bottle. Its annoying, but less annoying than trying to actually wean you from eating in the middle of the night. If we were still nursing, I'd be doing it without complaint and not even thinking about night weaning until after your first birthday. So that's why I still get up with you in the middle of the night. You are happy with this arrangement.
- you love your daddy and get so excited when we say, "Let's go find Daddy! Where's Daddy? Let's go get him!"
- but you think the sun rises and sets on your momma. Let's just say that you have been known to give babysitters a hard time.
- you hate the nursery at MOPS and they always end up paging me before the meeting is over. You stop crying as soon as you are in my arms.
 - you are a wiggle worm and its getting impossible to change your diaper or dress you.

How did I keep you still for this photo shoot?

Plastic pink spoons rock.

I knew I'd have to involve the use of a prop in order for you to sit for a minute for more pictures.

You got tired of it in about 10 seconds flat.

You certainly keep me on my toes! But your smile is so incredibly worth all the hard work.

Happy 9 months to my baby Jocelyn :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Instagram Friday (Oct)

1. Joce on the trampoline
2. She hates hats.
3. Yummy bath toy
4. Editing more Fall pics
5. Homework
6. Halloween cookies by Jaina
7. Visiting friend in hospital
8. Colored marshmellows
9. Awards day
10. Bathtub
11. lunch with Jayce
12. whoops... another trampoline shot

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grandpa and Grandma

We had some special visitors the other weekend.

At first, Grandpa had to bribe Jocelyn with his watch, keys, and cell phone in order for her to agree to sit in his lap.

Jocelyn wasn't so sure about Grandma Kim :) She's really a mommy's girl right now.

The big kids were SO happy they came up!

Aunt Jami came, too!

Jaina even got Aunt Jami to jump with her on the trampoline :)

And the best part is that we get to see them again in just a few short weeks!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Fair and International Choir

The better part of the last two weeks has been spent at Jayce's elementary school.

Book Fair!

Jocelyn was my little terror helper the entire week.  When she wasn't crying. Or crawling under tables. Or spilling contents of diaper bag. Or taking cash out of my hands. Or crying when teachers tried to hold her. Or crying when she was sleepy, but wouldn't nap. Sigh.

We did just over $4,000 in sales. That may not be much, but for our small (and significantly low income school), that's pretty good!

Our last night of Book Fair also coincided with Oktoberfest! Remember when Jaina was in International Choir?

Well, she's passed her shirt down to her brother. Jayce is very proud that he made it through auditions! As well he should be. Not many second graders got selected this year due to the size of the third grade participants.

Hannah and Chris came to watch their favorite little guy perform :)

Hannah was one of our ABA therapists for a long time. Although we are sad she isn't on our team anymore due to her college schedule, we are super happy to call her our friend now :)

Jayce and the entire IC did an amazing job.

I recorded video (as did my mom), but I haven't had the time to try to upload to blogger.

I'm so excited to see them perform again soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


So, I'm still learning this Instagram thing. I was busy at book fair almost the entire week so I didn't have much opportunity to use my camera phone. Eventually I'll set a goal to grab a picture or two each day in order to participate in some of the memes in the blogger world. I think one is called Insta-Friday and the other one is called Friday Phone Dump. Hmmm... considering that this is Saturday night at 10 PM when I'm posting these, I probably won't end up participating in a scheduled meme after all.

I love to procrastinate :)

1. keeping Joce occupied at Jayce's OT
2. Our potential wardrobe for our family's Fall photos
3. Getting ready for soccer
4. Cheering on the sidelines
5. Guess who got GLASSES?
6. Me and my big girl

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soccer Update

Guys, I think I'm soccered out.

We only have two games left in the season. Thank GOODNESS! Jaina has been playing Fall Soccer with Upward for the past four years. Add some basketball, baseball, and Spring Soccer in there and you have one burned out sports mom.

I haven't even been bringing my camera to every game. How lame is that? Its just that every soccer picture tends to start looking alike. Now, if they were out there scoring goals and such, then maybe that would be picture worthy :P

Anyway, here's my cute soccer players at their rainy muddy game a week ago.

(Yay, Monica made the blog!!)

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm usually pretty late to jump on a  particular bandwagon and Instagram is no exception. For years I've been coveting those retro square cell phone photos that everyone keeps posting on blogs and FB.

Well, I did it. I finally got a smart phone. And my first app?


Hmm... That's a lot of Jocelyn. After several friends pointed that out, I tried to get better about varying my photo subjects.

Oh yeah. I'm in love.

I can promise you, though, that my cell phone will never replace my Canon DSLR. I love that thing too much to ever let it sit idly by.

However, you can bet I'm gonna have some mobile fun with instagram in the mean time :)

I'm JessStaska if anyone wants to follow....