So, I'm still learning this Instagram thing. I was busy at book fair almost the entire week so I didn't have much opportunity to use my camera phone. Eventually I'll set a goal to grab a picture or two each day in order to participate in some of the memes in the blogger world. I think one is called Insta-Friday and the other one is called Friday Phone Dump. Hmmm... considering that this is Saturday night at 10 PM when I'm posting these, I probably won't end up participating in a scheduled meme after all.

I love to procrastinate :)

1. keeping Joce occupied at Jayce's OT
2. Our potential wardrobe for our family's Fall photos
3. Getting ready for soccer
4. Cheering on the sidelines
5. Guess who got GLASSES?
6. Me and my big girl


  1. Oh, how funny. I posted something very similar before seeing this. great minds, Jess!


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