Ten on 10: October 2012


October 10th was another fail on my part. I'm so good at starting off strong, but then lack the time (or motivation sometimes) to finish up. On this particular day, my van battery died. Taking pictures with my camera (or even my cell phone) wasn't in my mind at all.

But here's what I got anyway that day....

9:00 AM-

Gotta dress the baby....


I tried to make folding towels glamorous. Not sure I accomplished that.

11:00 AM-

Cleaning up old files on my almost full hard drive. This was from 2005.


Lunch. Hers, not mine.

2:00 PM-

I ambushed my kids as soon as they got into the van afterschool :) That's why I got a smile from Jaina but not from Jayce.

From 3:00 PM on, my day got crazy. Jayce had a therapy playdate; I had to run back to the elementary school to set up for book fair; we ended up eating dinner at 8 PM; etc. No time for pictures!

Maybe November will be my month :)


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