9 Months

Some happy baby decided to turn 9 months the other day.

I can't believe she's been out as long as she was in! I don't know why, but I feel like 9 months is a major milestone. It is unreal to me that she will be turning 1 in three short months!

Let's see what she's up to now...

- had her first real sickness and ear infection and also her first time with antibiotics.
- weighs 18 lbs
- takes 4-5 small bottles a day
- prefers baby food and eats that 3-4 times a day
- doesn't like stage 3 chunky food or most table foods yet
- can hold her own sippy cup... but can't tip it up to get any water out. This results on it being thrown on the floor
- STILL is not bearing weight on her legs
- but can army crawl with the best of them. Hardwood floors are your favorite surface to scoot on!
- can wave bye-bye, clap, pat, give "hi-five!" and put things on your head to play "peek-a-boo".
- you also "dance" when a song comes on or your sister sings "Call me Maybe".
- you like to grab. A lot. Noses, glasses, hair, necklaces, shirts, anything in my hands....
- you only have two teeth still. With the amount of teething that you are doing, you'd think you'd have the whole set by now!
- you STILL wake up once a night for a 4 oz bottle. Its annoying, but less annoying than trying to actually wean you from eating in the middle of the night. If we were still nursing, I'd be doing it without complaint and not even thinking about night weaning until after your first birthday. So that's why I still get up with you in the middle of the night. You are happy with this arrangement.
- you love your daddy and get so excited when we say, "Let's go find Daddy! Where's Daddy? Let's go get him!"
- but you think the sun rises and sets on your momma. Let's just say that you have been known to give babysitters a hard time.
- you hate the nursery at MOPS and they always end up paging me before the meeting is over. You stop crying as soon as you are in my arms.
 - you are a wiggle worm and its getting impossible to change your diaper or dress you.

How did I keep you still for this photo shoot?

Plastic pink spoons rock.

I knew I'd have to involve the use of a prop in order for you to sit for a minute for more pictures.

You got tired of it in about 10 seconds flat.

You certainly keep me on my toes! But your smile is so incredibly worth all the hard work.

Happy 9 months to my baby Jocelyn :)


  1. She is so cute and so happy and healthy. I want to nuzzle her cheeks and nibble her toesies.

  2. Wow!!! 9 months went by so fast!!! Hope she has an awesome first halloween :) Why did you stop nursing?

  3. SO CUTE!!! I adore her so much :)

  4. How is it possible that she's 9 months? I always considered that a big milestone, too. She is so stinking adorable! I love her look in the second-to-last picture...she looks like a baby who would definitely keep you on your toes! She looks like she's plotting something silly to amuse her mommy! Beautiful, beautiful shots as always!


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