The Field

There is a park less than 3 minutes from our home.

I shoot photos there all the time. Sometimes of my kids. Sometimes of clients.

It has all the normal things parks have. Like playgrounds and swings and tennis courts and soccer fields.

It also has two big open fields. One with tall grass and one with mowed grass.

I'm a sucker for tall grass. I love how it looks when the sun is low behind its stalks.

Or maybe I'm just a sucker for this baby. Seriously, I think I could stick her in a pile of mud with a junk yard in the background and she'd STILL manage to be cute.

I'm glad I went 3 minutes down the road this morning to capture my little munchkin in all her 8 month glory. For I do believe that she will never be so cooperative in pictures again. Little miss thinks its fun to crawl away now. :)

More on developmental milestones later....


  1. Oh is she delicious! Your pictures always make me want to squish her rolls and rub her wee noggin.

  2. So precious. What a beautiful session of her!


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