Soccer Update

Guys, I think I'm soccered out.

We only have two games left in the season. Thank GOODNESS! Jaina has been playing Fall Soccer with Upward for the past four years. Add some basketball, baseball, and Spring Soccer in there and you have one burned out sports mom.

I haven't even been bringing my camera to every game. How lame is that? Its just that every soccer picture tends to start looking alike. Now, if they were out there scoring goals and such, then maybe that would be picture worthy :P

Anyway, here's my cute soccer players at their rainy muddy game a week ago.

(Yay, Monica made the blog!!)


  1. Monica McCoy11:30 PM

    I do like to make the blog!! I was thinking of you today as I scrap booked pictures from Brian's party. I had to buy Super Hero pictures - they are not part of my normal life!!

  2. They're so cute. I can imagine how you'd get kinda worn out though! ;)

  3. When I got to Monica's picture, I actually went "Monica!!" outloud. haha


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