Walnut Grove Plantation 2012

At the Walker household, we're big on tradition. Even though we had a TON of stuff to do this past weekend (like head to Charleston for a wedding), we still made time to attend Walnut Grove Plantation's FestiFall.

It was pretty much the same as last year. The only new and exciting thing is that we have a baby in pictures now :P

Jaina was in love with the fur pelts. Like, she wanted one and had no issue with the fact that this animal was killed for its fur. I'm not quite sure if she's my daughter...

Jayce really wanted to buy a sling shot. Umm, no. 

I don't spin or knit or do anything crafty with fiber, but I have good friends that do. This picture is for them :)

Jaina got to try writing with a quill pen. That was pretty neat!

There was a baby goat there wandering around and she was so precious!

The big kids made hand-dipped wax candles again this year...

The baby just hung out with Brian. 

I had worn her on my back in the mei tai for a solid hour before my shoulders told me they needed a break! So, we put her down on the ground for a bit.

Until she started eating grass. Then back up she went!

After seeing everything we could see, I decided to attempt one single picture of my three kids together.

It did not go well.

"HEY! You guys! Look here!!"

"Well, at least I got the baby to look..... "

"Aw, Jocelyn! Look at mommy!!"

I give up.


  1. Paula Staska10:37 PM

    I can always PhotoShop Jocelyn's smiling face on the good picture with the other kids' smiling faces!


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