Monday, October 31, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Leopard

A lone leopard quietly awaits her prey...

She hears someone approach. Quickly, she takes cover in the tall grasses.

Her stalker appears a moment later.

He's come to tame the wild beast.

Little Indy is no stranger to adventure and wild animals.

Happy Halloween from our family to yours. We hope you enjoy the costumes, candy, and fun as much as we do!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet Jackson

The newest member of our family.

More on his story and how we came to adopt him later :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Life is crazy...

Its a vicious cycle.

I get busy and leave my camera at home in its case.

Then I feel like I can't blog because I don't have any photos.

So I get my camera out and take some.

Then they sit on my camera card for a week until I don't even remember what I was going to blog about.

Meanwhile, life happens all around us and I realize I'm not documenting it anywhere. Not with words OR pictures.

Then I feel guilty.

Then I wonder why anyone even reads my blog.

That's when I remind myself that I don't blog for my readers (as much as I do love you all).

This blog serves as my journal. One day it might even get made into a book. (when I have a million dollars to add all the pages I want in it!)

So, even though I've been a slacker in the photo department, here's what we've been up to lately.

1. We celebrated the country of Germany by attending Oktoberfest at Jayce's school.
2. Jayce got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma.
3. Which promptly turned into bronchitis
4. Immediately before leaving for Charlotte, NC where we went to visit friends.
5. We had to wait 3 hours for all five prescriptions and his new nebulizer arrived.
6. Upon arriving at our former neighbor's house in Ft. Mill, SC, we all settle into bed. Four hours later, Jaina is throwing up all over the place.
7. We miss the Mitochondrial Foundation Walk in Charlotte the next morning due to lack of sleep.
8. My broken foot decides to start hurting in a NEW place. The old place seems healed just fine :)
9. I spend 2 hours photographing this beautiful family

10. Meanwhile, my kids were back at the hotel in Charlotte staying with our awesome friends from the NC coast.
11.  I brought my camera up to the hotel and proceeded to not take a single picture. Fail!
12. We drive home and decide to stop by the outlet mall on the way. We got there at 12:30 PM and thought they opened at noon. Nope, 1:30. Luckily, they had a playground.
13. I bought the baby an outfit that I think I'll be bringing him/her home in. I'm still undecided. I found it at Carter's. Both Jaina and Jayce wore Gymboree home. Should I keep with the tradition?
14. We arrived home just in time for another photo shoot.

15. I bought a $45 diaper bag on sale for $22. And it matches my bassinet pattern perfectly :)
16. I've decided I don't hate yellow as much as I thought, as long as its paired with another color. Like gray.
17. This baby will be here in 12 weeks.
18. We're getting a new addition before that, though.
19. Today we met a Lakeland Terrier named Jackson who will be coming to live with us after his neutering on Tuesday.
20. Cause our life wasn't crazy enough :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It doesn't need to be Spring to fly a kite

All you need are some kites....

(cheaply purchased for just a few dollars, I might add)

Some willing children....

A devoted dad...

And some wind.

Pregnant mom isn't necessary, but nice to have around anyway.

Monday, October 10, 2011

How about Eight on 10?

Another month, another 10th day of the month, another Epic Fail on my part for today's Ten on 10.

I always have good intentions. I always start off taking the first photo around 7 or 8 AM.

In this case, it was only 6:45. Jaina always logs her reading books from the night before after breakfast.

At quarter til 8:00 AM, I was back home from doing the whole drop off and pick up thing. These adorable zebra legs belong to the 11th month old I watch 3 days a week.

Then here's where it gets dicey. At 8:45, I was on the phone with my kids' doctor's office. I managed to snag a 10:45 appt for Jayce. He had woken up complaining of chest pain with a horrible cough.

Before leaving for the long drive to the doctor's office, I give baby H some breakfast.

After that, we'll need to fast forward a few hours. I had to throw a doctor's visit (diagnosis: Allergy induced Asthma), a trip to the pharmacy, a quick lunch, a short rest, then off to the carpool line to pick up Jaina and her friend Sarah, then back home before therapy starts.

Jayce snuck in a little moon dough time before our therapist arrived.

Baby H tried to put on Brian's big orange crocs. It was hilarious to watch!

Fast forward many more hours after therapy is over, homework is done, Baby H is picked up, piano is practiced, dinner is cooked, kids are bathed, and ready for bed.

So, I managed 8 pictures today. They weren't spaced out an hour apart, but I think they are a good representation of how this particular Monday was spent. Maybe next month will be my month!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Soccer Game Number Five

Did you know that if you wanted a pregnancy to fly by in the blink of an eye, all you had to do was schedule many weekly activities and commitments?

Its like each day takes me by surprise. "Oh, its Tuesday already? Off to Regional for OT."

or "How did it get to be Soccer Practice night already again? Where is your clean soccer socks? Oh, still in the laundry from where I washed them from your game a few days ago."

"What? My calendar says that today is Piano day? Goodness, have the kids even practiced this week?"

You get the picture.

There are only 8 games total in the soccer season. We just played game number 5.

We'll be out of town to North Carolina and have to miss next week's game number 6.

Its hard to imagine that when we'll come back, we'll only have two games left. And, according to my calendar, our family has signed up to bring snack for Jaina's team for game number 7.

Immediately following game # 8 is their end of the season ceremony.

Followed two days later by Halloween!

Then comes Jaina's field trip, then our friends' annual Chilli cook-off, then Thanksgiving, a possible trip to Orlando, then all the December madness culminating at Christmas Day, a NYE Party, and then our baby will be here.

And that just made "26 weeks pregnant" feel like the baby's due next week.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Festifall at Walnut Grove

The first weekend in October will always find our family at Walnut Grove Plantation.

This plantation house has been preserved by an historical society because of its history with a battle from the Revolutionary war.

There is always a battle re-enactment which is Jayce's favorite part. Then the house and grounds are open for tours. Many volunteers help recreate the scene from the 1760's and show visitors the way of life back then.

And now for some pictures of my cute kids. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Thursday in Vegas

I have to admit that my broken foot was hurting pretty badly by the time I got back to the hotel on Wednesday night. Of course, I didn't know my foot was broken, so I thought I was just being a wimp. I actually think I blamed it on pregnancy. :)

Thursday morning at 5 AM (8 AM EST), I got a call from Jaina's teacher at school. She had left her lunch at home and told her teacher she "wasn't allowed" to eat school lunch. My mom was already at work so there was no one to drive home and rescue her lunch bag like I've done so many times in the past. I told Jaina's teacher that she was being a drama queen and this would be a good lesson in remembrance for her.

As for me, I went to the pool :)

Armed with my Nook (and all the Pretty Little Liars books) and the MP3 player I swiped from Jaina, I could bask in the glorious non-humid sun and pretend that I didn't care what my daughter was eating for lunch.

That afternoon I decided to play tourist by myself and finally take some pictures without worrying if it was going to rain on my camera.

My friend Julie and her husband offered to take Brian and I out to dinner that night. The food was SO delicious! Afterwards, we parked at the top of a parking garage to see the lights of the strip.

I never did end up adjusting to time on the West coast. I was up between 5 and 6 AM every morning and pretty much dead on my feet by the time sunset hit.

We left the next morning for our all day travels. By this time we were definitely ready to get home. My mom had called to tell us that both Jaina and our dog Alli was sick. I had realized that mommies never really get breaks and sometimes you just needed to suck it up because you do it best anyway. :)

As much fun as I did end up having in Las Vegas, I think I'll stick to my monthly book club as a way to get in my "ME" time :)