Life is crazy...

Its a vicious cycle.

I get busy and leave my camera at home in its case.

Then I feel like I can't blog because I don't have any photos.

So I get my camera out and take some.

Then they sit on my camera card for a week until I don't even remember what I was going to blog about.

Meanwhile, life happens all around us and I realize I'm not documenting it anywhere. Not with words OR pictures.

Then I feel guilty.

Then I wonder why anyone even reads my blog.

That's when I remind myself that I don't blog for my readers (as much as I do love you all).

This blog serves as my journal. One day it might even get made into a book. (when I have a million dollars to add all the pages I want in it!)

So, even though I've been a slacker in the photo department, here's what we've been up to lately.

1. We celebrated the country of Germany by attending Oktoberfest at Jayce's school.
2. Jayce got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma.
3. Which promptly turned into bronchitis
4. Immediately before leaving for Charlotte, NC where we went to visit friends.
5. We had to wait 3 hours for all five prescriptions and his new nebulizer arrived.
6. Upon arriving at our former neighbor's house in Ft. Mill, SC, we all settle into bed. Four hours later, Jaina is throwing up all over the place.
7. We miss the Mitochondrial Foundation Walk in Charlotte the next morning due to lack of sleep.
8. My broken foot decides to start hurting in a NEW place. The old place seems healed just fine :)
9. I spend 2 hours photographing this beautiful family

10. Meanwhile, my kids were back at the hotel in Charlotte staying with our awesome friends from the NC coast.
11.  I brought my camera up to the hotel and proceeded to not take a single picture. Fail!
12. We drive home and decide to stop by the outlet mall on the way. We got there at 12:30 PM and thought they opened at noon. Nope, 1:30. Luckily, they had a playground.
13. I bought the baby an outfit that I think I'll be bringing him/her home in. I'm still undecided. I found it at Carter's. Both Jaina and Jayce wore Gymboree home. Should I keep with the tradition?
14. We arrived home just in time for another photo shoot.

15. I bought a $45 diaper bag on sale for $22. And it matches my bassinet pattern perfectly :)
16. I've decided I don't hate yellow as much as I thought, as long as its paired with another color. Like gray.
17. This baby will be here in 12 weeks.
18. We're getting a new addition before that, though.
19. Today we met a Lakeland Terrier named Jackson who will be coming to live with us after his neutering on Tuesday.
20. Cause our life wasn't crazy enough :)


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