Thursday in Vegas

I have to admit that my broken foot was hurting pretty badly by the time I got back to the hotel on Wednesday night. Of course, I didn't know my foot was broken, so I thought I was just being a wimp. I actually think I blamed it on pregnancy. :)

Thursday morning at 5 AM (8 AM EST), I got a call from Jaina's teacher at school. She had left her lunch at home and told her teacher she "wasn't allowed" to eat school lunch. My mom was already at work so there was no one to drive home and rescue her lunch bag like I've done so many times in the past. I told Jaina's teacher that she was being a drama queen and this would be a good lesson in remembrance for her.

As for me, I went to the pool :)

Armed with my Nook (and all the Pretty Little Liars books) and the MP3 player I swiped from Jaina, I could bask in the glorious non-humid sun and pretend that I didn't care what my daughter was eating for lunch.

That afternoon I decided to play tourist by myself and finally take some pictures without worrying if it was going to rain on my camera.

My friend Julie and her husband offered to take Brian and I out to dinner that night. The food was SO delicious! Afterwards, we parked at the top of a parking garage to see the lights of the strip.

I never did end up adjusting to time on the West coast. I was up between 5 and 6 AM every morning and pretty much dead on my feet by the time sunset hit.

We left the next morning for our all day travels. By this time we were definitely ready to get home. My mom had called to tell us that both Jaina and our dog Alli was sick. I had realized that mommies never really get breaks and sometimes you just needed to suck it up because you do it best anyway. :)

As much fun as I did end up having in Las Vegas, I think I'll stick to my monthly book club as a way to get in my "ME" time :)


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