Soccer Game Number Five

Did you know that if you wanted a pregnancy to fly by in the blink of an eye, all you had to do was schedule many weekly activities and commitments?

Its like each day takes me by surprise. "Oh, its Tuesday already? Off to Regional for OT."

or "How did it get to be Soccer Practice night already again? Where is your clean soccer socks? Oh, still in the laundry from where I washed them from your game a few days ago."

"What? My calendar says that today is Piano day? Goodness, have the kids even practiced this week?"

You get the picture.

There are only 8 games total in the soccer season. We just played game number 5.

We'll be out of town to North Carolina and have to miss next week's game number 6.

Its hard to imagine that when we'll come back, we'll only have two games left. And, according to my calendar, our family has signed up to bring snack for Jaina's team for game number 7.

Immediately following game # 8 is their end of the season ceremony.

Followed two days later by Halloween!

Then comes Jaina's field trip, then our friends' annual Chilli cook-off, then Thanksgiving, a possible trip to Orlando, then all the December madness culminating at Christmas Day, a NYE Party, and then our baby will be here.

And that just made "26 weeks pregnant" feel like the baby's due next week.


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