How about Eight on 10?

Another month, another 10th day of the month, another Epic Fail on my part for today's Ten on 10.

I always have good intentions. I always start off taking the first photo around 7 or 8 AM.

In this case, it was only 6:45. Jaina always logs her reading books from the night before after breakfast.

At quarter til 8:00 AM, I was back home from doing the whole drop off and pick up thing. These adorable zebra legs belong to the 11th month old I watch 3 days a week.

Then here's where it gets dicey. At 8:45, I was on the phone with my kids' doctor's office. I managed to snag a 10:45 appt for Jayce. He had woken up complaining of chest pain with a horrible cough.

Before leaving for the long drive to the doctor's office, I give baby H some breakfast.

After that, we'll need to fast forward a few hours. I had to throw a doctor's visit (diagnosis: Allergy induced Asthma), a trip to the pharmacy, a quick lunch, a short rest, then off to the carpool line to pick up Jaina and her friend Sarah, then back home before therapy starts.

Jayce snuck in a little moon dough time before our therapist arrived.

Baby H tried to put on Brian's big orange crocs. It was hilarious to watch!

Fast forward many more hours after therapy is over, homework is done, Baby H is picked up, piano is practiced, dinner is cooked, kids are bathed, and ready for bed.

So, I managed 8 pictures today. They weren't spaced out an hour apart, but I think they are a good representation of how this particular Monday was spent. Maybe next month will be my month!


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