Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Little Late on the Bandwagon

Hello fellow bloggers....

Forgive me for not updating Keep It Together for a while. I was kind of preoccupied, which I am sure most of you will understand. I was in the middle of re-reading Harry Potter books 1-5 (because my retention for novels is just absolutely horrible) and trying to watch the movies at the same time. But I found that I had no attention span for the movie after reading the book. Although I like the movies, the books just bring it to life in my mind so much better than TV can.

And then I got to read Book Six (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) for the first time. I could not put it down. It instantly became my favorite...well, until I picked up Seven, of course.

Now I wish I had read all of them "on time" and could have participated in all of the chatty threads on APU. Oh well! Never too late to jump on the bandwagon!

So, tears aside (and I bawled like a baby several times during the last book), I can now go back to cooking, cleaning, blogging, and spending time with my kids.

Really, I haven't been that bad of a mom. I've managed to put the book down several times to attend to the children's needs or to take them somewhere. Here are some pictures from the last week or so:

Feeding the ducks...

We finally got rain and my zinnias started to bloom!!!

Chuck E. Cheese for a MOMS Club activity... although we were the only ones to show up!

Finally alone in Jaina's room while she is at school, Jayce discovers the joy of Miniature Littlest Pet Shop fun!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Art Time with Gray

Its got to be terribly frustrating when, as a true artist, not a single artistic gene is passed down onto your only daughter. However, Gray is sincerely hoping, in this instance, the genes have decided to skip a generation. And she has found a very willing participant in Jaina :)

So far, Jayce just likes to make a mess!

The "project of the day" was painting Jaina's tote bag for school. Because of class cubby size, Kindergarteners are not allowed to carry backpacks. Instead, they bring an open topped canvas bag to transport their homework folders, library books, and lunch bags. In Miss Missy's 3-K class, they painted theirs with bugs and flowers using thumb and finger prints. It was too cute! I sent the plain tote bag to 5K thinking that they might do something similar. Unfortunately, nope. I guess they have more important things to do in Kindergarten.

So, Jaina and Gray designed her bag's picture by first sketching it on paper. Jaina came up with it all on her own. Gray helped with opening the paint and helping with the bird and flower stamps. Oh, and Gray free-handed the sun. Everything else, Jaina did. The rainbow, the grass, and the blue sky. Didn't she do a great job!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Broccoli, Day One

So, a friend of mine had this awesome suggestion about Jayce and his (lack of) eating habits. Instead of putting new foods every night on his plate to try, just focus on ONE new food at a time and expose him a ton to it. I picked broccoli first, because it was a vegetable that he liked as a baby and as a young toddler. I am not sure why or when he stopped eating it. So, I steamed a big bunch of broccoli tonight and gave him two little trees on his plate of Tyson Chicken Nuggets.

He didn't touch it, but at least that was exposure, Day One!

To be continued....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First day of Kindergarten

And I handled it just fine!

Oh, wait... you didn't want to know about it from my perspective? How did Jaina do?

She says she had a great day. She said her teacher was "nice". She doesn't know the girl's name, but she made a friend and shared her snack with her. Another little girl with short hair, (still name unknown) cried for her mommy. But, Jaina informed me, *she* didn't cry because she knew I was coming to get her.

So, my firstborn baby is officially a school-aged child now :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jaina's new 'do

She's stylin', dude (or so she says!)





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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Started the day off with a little car dancing. Nothing like a little music to get things motivated for our big day!

And the song they were dancing to? Called "Snow Day". How appropriate in August!

Pretty girl on a pretty horse!

Boot's Magical Balloon Race is about to begin!

Brian and Jaina on the balloons.

Mommy and a worried Jayce on the balloon ride.

Jaina was excited to meet Dora and get a kiss from Boots!

Wow, you didn't know Dora's train was that exciting, now did you?

Jayce, the first time on Dora's Azul Adventure Train.

When Jayce pulls in that lower lip of his, its normally because he is worried about something. This time he wasn't quite sure of the warning alarm that was used to let swimmers know that the waves were about to start.

While we were waiting for Daddy and Jaina to get done with their ride, Jayce and I find some shade to rest and watch the action.

Shhh! Technically, Jaina was not tall enough to ride the Super Soaker ride!

All of us on the Lazy Town Helicopter ride. Jayce wasn't impressed.

Look at those gorgeous specimens in the pool!

Jaina, Brian, and Jayce just hanging out at the Wave Pool.

And Jayce doesn't even mind the life jacket!

Who's that sexy looking guy over there?

And its Jayce's FAVORITE part of the day.... water fountains!!!! Not one, but THREE!

One foot in South Carolina and one food in North Carolina. Gray wanted to know if the park has to pay taxes in both states? Good question!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Children's Museum

It was about that time again...

Every 6 months, we take a trip up to NC to the local Children's museum. Its only $5 a person to get in (we had a group discount this time, even better!) and totally worth it. One day, we won't have napping children and might actually get to stay longer than two hours.

Here are the pics:

Jaina is all set for her new career choice. It was either firefighter, or hairdresser.

"Its just so damn cute, I can't help but kiss it!!!"

In the Valley of Vegetables, Where the Garden is always full, is the Valley of Vegetables

Shh... don't tell him that its not a REAL Thomas the Tank Engine set!

Jayce says, "I am SO excited to be learning about Kinetic Energy!!! Or just watching balls bounce off each other. Whatever".

Jaina in a bubble. Just like the 80's movie about the kid with no immune system!

A cashier's job needs much concentration. Especially because the plastic produce does not have bar codes.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Car pictures from this morning

I am happy to report that Jayce no longer cries when its time for Brian to make his lunch and leave. He patiently waits until its time to be scooped up in Daddy's arms and go push the button. Recently, Brian has started letting Jayce and Jaina ride with him til the end of our driveway, where I go and pick them up to walk them back to the house. Jayce thinks this is just too cool and hardly ever wants to leave Daddy's car :)