Started the day off with a little car dancing. Nothing like a little music to get things motivated for our big day!

And the song they were dancing to? Called "Snow Day". How appropriate in August!

Pretty girl on a pretty horse!

Boot's Magical Balloon Race is about to begin!

Brian and Jaina on the balloons.

Mommy and a worried Jayce on the balloon ride.

Jaina was excited to meet Dora and get a kiss from Boots!

Wow, you didn't know Dora's train was that exciting, now did you?

Jayce, the first time on Dora's Azul Adventure Train.

When Jayce pulls in that lower lip of his, its normally because he is worried about something. This time he wasn't quite sure of the warning alarm that was used to let swimmers know that the waves were about to start.

While we were waiting for Daddy and Jaina to get done with their ride, Jayce and I find some shade to rest and watch the action.

Shhh! Technically, Jaina was not tall enough to ride the Super Soaker ride!

All of us on the Lazy Town Helicopter ride. Jayce wasn't impressed.

Look at those gorgeous specimens in the pool!

Jaina, Brian, and Jayce just hanging out at the Wave Pool.

And Jayce doesn't even mind the life jacket!

Who's that sexy looking guy over there?

And its Jayce's FAVORITE part of the day.... water fountains!!!! Not one, but THREE!

One foot in South Carolina and one food in North Carolina. Gray wanted to know if the park has to pay taxes in both states? Good question!


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Ohhh! How fun, Jessie! We have season passes and go every weekend! Em just loves it, too!


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