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I know your typically supposed to bring your children in for their yearly check-ups near their birthday, but I don't usually remember to call and make an appointment until after the big day. Therefore, I get later and later every year. I was three months late this time! Luckily, I have a cool pediatrician who doesn't really give me a hard time about my forgetfulness.

I was thankful my mom had scheduled the visit in her calendar so she could come and help us. Although Jayce has never had a single bad experience at our pediatrician's office (we have to go to the health dept for any shots we decide to get), he still gets upset as soon as we pull into the parking lot. He must have a great memory. He was around 18 months old when his back-to-back ear infections started. He hasn't had one since April! The only other time we've gone to the pediatrician was when I thought he had pink eye on the 4th of July (he didn't).

Jaina, on the other hand, was excited to go see her doctor. She knew there would be no needles involved, she loves peeing in a cup, and the check-out lady has the BEST stickers in the world there! And, when Jaina has strep throat and they perform a throat culture, she gets a Popsicle! And it doesn't hurt to ask for one every time, does it? :)

I felt so bad for Jayce. He had the most anxiety I've ever seen him have before. He wouldn't let go of his grandma's hand. He kept his eye on the door where the nurses come out to call your name. Every time that door opened, he tensed. 3 people were ahead of us. After each one went in, he would turn and ask "Bye-bye? Car?" and we would calmly explain that he needed to see Dr. Shelley and it would be okay. Then he asked, "Ears?" while pulling on his ears. "Yes," I said. "She'll look at your ears and then be all done!" "All done?" he perks up. Eeek, bad choice of words, mom.

Jaina was quick to bounce up on the exam table as soon as we got back to a room. In fact, she had a hard time remembering that it was a doctor's office, NOT a jungle gym. I think she just like sound of the paper crinkling.

Once the doctor came in, things moved quickly. Jaina weighs 42 lbs and is 43.5 inches high. About 50% for both, just like she always is. Jayce is still 30% for weight at 28 lbs, but now is 60% for height, which is a big jump for him. Maybe he won't take after his daddy (and take after his uncles instead!).

Jaina is going to need glasses sometime in the near future. Jayce's speech will be evaluated again in 6 months. We need to work on Jayce's poor diet, which I'm sure I'll post about eventually. Other than that, I have some pretty darn happy healthy kids :)


  1. Glad the visit to see Dr. Shelley went well overall. I like your new blog template. I'm always thrown for a loop when I first see that someone has changed it but I'll get used to yours too. I've been thinking of checking out what new templates there are but I'm such a routine person, I'm scared to change mine. I'll try to call you soon. Miss you Jessie!

  2. Glad to hear the appt went well and that the kids are happy and healthy :)

    I miss you toooooooooo!!!!!!


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