An update to beat all updates

After going through 400 digital photos that were taken this week, I picked out a special few to share.

Here I go.

The Park on Friday

Jayce has suddenly realized that the slides are not huge scary things at the park. They are actually fun and do not require mommy to accompany each and every time. Jaina was a social butterfly as always and had fun chasing her old friend Logan that we hadn't seen in a while.

Anniversary Weekend

Then Brian and I left the kids in the care of Gray and headed up to a lake in NC to have 24 hours of kid-free time. It was awesome! Very relaxing. We stayed in a very old inn (1927) that was very comfortable. We ate out at a very nice italian restaurant and had brick oven pizza. Then we went canoing the next day and also hiked some. Even though I swore I'd sleep late, I was up and ready by 7:30 the next morning. Oh well!

Trumpet Lesson

The night we returned from our trip, Brian "wowed" us all with his ability to play the plastic recorder (hee hee) which prompted Jaina to ask him to get his trumpet out. Jaina surprised me by being able to hold it AND blow in it to make sound. We had a great time "jamming" together :) I played the tambourine, but photographers don't make it in the pictures much!

Water Park on Tuesday
A few days later, we left Jayce with Gray again and Jaina and I had a great time at the local water park! She's not quite tall enough to ride the slides by herself, and I wouldn't have been able to take Jayce on my lap, so it was fun for us to spend some time together. Next year, I'll be able to take both the kids.


  1. Love ALL the pictures!!! Looks like you guys are all having so much fun!!!

    Happy Anniversary (albeit a late wish lol) (24 of kid free time??? What IS that???? lol) Glad you guys had fun!

    Mommy/Daughter time ROCKS!!!

    The kids are ardorable as always :)


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