Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A quick baseball update

I'm going to be honest here...

Baseball is a lot more fun when you win.

And winning, my friends, is not what the D2 Devils have been doing. At all.


In their defense, they are the youngest team in player pitch. We moved up our barely 9 year old players (for example, mine turned 9 yesterday... more on that to come) into a 10 year old division. Most of our team have never played player pitch before. That means hitting the ball that a barely 9 year old (that has never pitched before) just threw.

Needless to say, there hasn't been much hitting going on. We're just lucky if the pitcher doesn't hit the player up to bat.

So, Jayce hasn't gotten a single hit at a game this season. This is pretty painful to watch considering he hits just fine at practice. But we can't control the other team's pitchers. He either gets walked to 1st or thinks everything is a ball and strikes out.

This has been a good learning experience for these boys. They were ranked #2 in the league last Spring and they realized fast that they have to step up their game in order to keep up this season.

I am happy to announce that our team had their first victory tonight! And boy was it sweet to watch. Our players were energized, positive, and worked together as a cohesive unit. What was great, though, was that our team was so intent on the game tonight, they had no idea what the final score was at all. The boys were just happy that they played their best.

Now, that's how you are supposed to play baseball :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Whole Family Needs an Intervention

So, it started out innocently enough.

Jocelyn likes to wear Jaina and Jayce's old backpacks. Except she's just two and a big kid backpack is just way too much for her little body. So I went into a local monogramming store to find one.

Unfortunately, they don't sell backpacks until July. I really wanted to get her one before then so she could take it to Atlanta and to the beach.

As soon as we walked in the store, Jocelyn's eyes laid on an appliqued Mickey T-shirt for a child's first birthday.

"Mickey shirt? Jocelyn? I buy it?"

Well... it would be cute for her to have her own custom Mickey shirt. And I've never bought anything custom made or monogrammed or anything for Jocelyn. Not even anything at a boutique.

So I ordered her own shirt for her. She was SO cute picking it out! "I want white one. Black Mickey. Jocelyn name on it. Red. No Minnie! No bow!"

Explaining to a two-year-old that it was not coming home with us that day was not fun.

You should have seen her when we picked it up. She immediately took off her shirt in the store so she could put it on right then and there. The staff thought she was adorable.

Then came the tears when we had to wash it. She cried FOUR times during the wash and dry cycle.

Big ol' daddy couldn't handle his baby crying. So he rushed out to get her another shirt. And put a rush order on it. It was done in 4 hours. I chided him for spoiling her.

She picked out that one, too. She wanted Minnie this time. And a blue shirt. And she picked the applique fabric from a swatch on the wall. Still wanted her name in Red.

Then, here came the problem.

"Daddy, its not fair! I want a shirt, too!" said the almost twelve-year-old.

So Brian took the girls to get matching shirts. Jocelyn's has Mickey ears and Jaina has her monogrammed initials.

(sorry for the quality... it was the only picture I have of the girls together)

I really let Brian have it then.

"You are SPOILING her! Stop trying to buy her love!"

Well, I can't complain anymore.

Remember that backpack I was looking for? A local children's boutique had one, 50% off so I picked one up today.

And came out with this.

Its official.

We all need help.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We almost forgot to dye eggs this year. The only way we even had time to squeeze it in was due to the weather. 2 out of my 3 photo shoots that were scheduled ended up having to be postponed thanks to the rain.

Please excuse our black and white photos. I have a hard time setting my custom white balance with the overhead lighting we have in the dining room. It honestly makes my head hurt to look at pictures with this bad lighting. Ugh.

Jocelyn was not okay with dyeing eggs. She wanted to eat them, not color them. 

The big kids woke up super early the next day.

Yet Jocelyn decided to wait until the sun actually came up.

It was the Easter Beagle (think, Snoopy and Peanuts) that visited our house, not the Easter Bunny. Jocelyn was thrilled with her Blue Minnie Mouse and bunny book and hat.

Oh, and the chocolate :)

Then we all got dressed up and went to Easter brunch with Brian's best friend's mom.

I've been keeping up with my picture a day challenge, although it takes me days to get them off my camera. I haven't been posting them here because I already post them to Instagram and Facebook so I don't want to bombard everyone with them.

I hope all my friends had a wonderful Easter holiday with their families :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Spring Break Surprise

I think I mentioned that our original Spring Break plans were foiled due to uncontrollable circumstances. One of our days was supposed to be spent hanging out in Ft. Mill with our former neighbor and her new baby. I was bummed when her oldest daughter fell sick and required a doctor's visit that day.

The kids were more upset than I was. You see, Jaina and Anna (the second oldest daughter) have been best friends since they were born, just six weeks apart. And Jayce is determined to marry Caroline (who is their 3rd oldest daughter) and thinks about her all the time. Those two are planning on dating when they are 13 and getting married when they are 18.

Although we were back in school the next week, Tracy's family was off for her Spring Break and decided to come see us!

I got to hold Samantha (their newest daughter) while she slept almost the entire visit :) She was so precious and cuddly and fit perfectly in my arms. 

(and coincidentally, was wearing an outfit that belonged to Jocelyn. It was great to be able to pass some things down to Tracy for the new baby).

I picked up Jaina early from school in order to maximize her time with Anna.

As for Jayce and Caroline... well, they were in heaven. They played together in the playroom for a bit before Jayce had to leave her to play Minecraft. Later he asked me, "I hope Caroline wasn't upset... I probably shouldn't have played Minecraft during her visit." He also gave her blue ring, which she declared was her favorite color, purchased from the local skating rink. 

Jayce snapped the picture of us moms :) We've been friends for 12 years this summer. And we have exactly 2 pictures together :)

Their visit was short and sweet and we can't wait to do it again for longer this summer!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rest of Spring Break

Spring has certainly sprung in the South and I have the allergies to prove it!

We spent the rest of our Spring Break vacation in Tucker, GA visiting Grandpa Lee and Grandma Kim.

The dogwoods and azaleas were in high bloom. It was gorgeous for sure, but I could do without having a yellow van and itchy eyes!

Basically, Jocelyn played outside the entire time. The big kids were scarce for most of the trip. Jayce stayed on the computer and Jaina hung out across the street with Aunt Jami. And that, my dear friends, is why I had Jocelyn. I needed someone to be my willing model :)

We did go to Chuck E. Cheese with my brother Jeff and his wife Pam. It was much more crowded than our local one back home!

I photographed a friend's family at this really cool park. I couldn't wait to take my kids the next day! Except that Jayce was scared of bees and Jaina was not impressed at all with the playground. Oh well :)

And I caught a rare Goliath the Cat sighting on my camera. Goliath does not like company in his house. 

Aunt Jami bought Jocelyn a big Minnie Mouse to go with her Big Mickey at home. Oh yes, Jocelyn loved it.

I had this great vision of Jocelyn in her new bunny outfit with her baby bunny sitting in her lap next to the azaleas. Instead, we got Minnie Mouse photobombing our Easter pictures. Oh well!

We had a great trip over all! We hit the ground running with photo shoots and baseball and beta club and doctors appointments. I guess Spring break really is over.

Only 7 more weeks of school!