Our Spring Break Surprise

I think I mentioned that our original Spring Break plans were foiled due to uncontrollable circumstances. One of our days was supposed to be spent hanging out in Ft. Mill with our former neighbor and her new baby. I was bummed when her oldest daughter fell sick and required a doctor's visit that day.

The kids were more upset than I was. You see, Jaina and Anna (the second oldest daughter) have been best friends since they were born, just six weeks apart. And Jayce is determined to marry Caroline (who is their 3rd oldest daughter) and thinks about her all the time. Those two are planning on dating when they are 13 and getting married when they are 18.

Although we were back in school the next week, Tracy's family was off for her Spring Break and decided to come see us!

I got to hold Samantha (their newest daughter) while she slept almost the entire visit :) She was so precious and cuddly and fit perfectly in my arms. 

(and coincidentally, was wearing an outfit that belonged to Jocelyn. It was great to be able to pass some things down to Tracy for the new baby).

I picked up Jaina early from school in order to maximize her time with Anna.

As for Jayce and Caroline... well, they were in heaven. They played together in the playroom for a bit before Jayce had to leave her to play Minecraft. Later he asked me, "I hope Caroline wasn't upset... I probably shouldn't have played Minecraft during her visit." He also gave her blue ring, which she declared was her favorite color, purchased from the local skating rink. 

Jayce snapped the picture of us moms :) We've been friends for 12 years this summer. And we have exactly 2 pictures together :)

Their visit was short and sweet and we can't wait to do it again for longer this summer!


  1. I'm glad you had a fun visit. Cute photos!

  2. looks like you had an amazing spring break! loved looking at all of your beautiful photos!!


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