Easter 2014

We almost forgot to dye eggs this year. The only way we even had time to squeeze it in was due to the weather. 2 out of my 3 photo shoots that were scheduled ended up having to be postponed thanks to the rain.

Please excuse our black and white photos. I have a hard time setting my custom white balance with the overhead lighting we have in the dining room. It honestly makes my head hurt to look at pictures with this bad lighting. Ugh.

Jocelyn was not okay with dyeing eggs. She wanted to eat them, not color them. 

The big kids woke up super early the next day.

Yet Jocelyn decided to wait until the sun actually came up.

It was the Easter Beagle (think, Snoopy and Peanuts) that visited our house, not the Easter Bunny. Jocelyn was thrilled with her Blue Minnie Mouse and bunny book and hat.

Oh, and the chocolate :)

Then we all got dressed up and went to Easter brunch with Brian's best friend's mom.

I've been keeping up with my picture a day challenge, although it takes me days to get them off my camera. I haven't been posting them here because I already post them to Instagram and Facebook so I don't want to bombard everyone with them.

I hope all my friends had a wonderful Easter holiday with their families :)


  1. looks like a wonderful easter!! love their easter dresses! you rock for remember dying eggs! i totally got a mom fail for that for sure!! :)


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