Monday, May 22, 2017

Lavender Fields

Because of our preschool and after school schedule, we missed out on strawberry picking this season. I was pretty sad about it until our MOMS Club posted a lavender picking activity at a local farm in Greer. I underestimated how much Jocelyn and I would enjoy this new found tradition for our family.

They had a kids' tent with lavender rice, lavender sand, bubbles, and wooden games to play.

I didn't realize that the sand had non-washable paint in it and this is the exact moment where Jocelyn wiped her hands on her dress and stained it :( So far bleach hasn't gotten it out :(

She enjoyed clipping the lavender stems and followed directions beautifully.

It was pretty warm that day, but luckily the farm had some nice shady trees and we enjoyed the nice breeze, too.

Besides our moms' group, there were adults from a Clemson program there as well.  But there was plenty of lavender to go around.

We'll definitely be making this a new tradition to do every year!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Counting down to Summer

Summer break from school just can't come fast enough.

There's been sooo much drama at the Middle and HS sections of my kids' local charter school and we just can't wait to be done with the whole thing.

Jocelyn's 4K preschool class ended on May 12th so she's had an entire week of Summer break so far and she's a big fan :) We've kept very busy and this week has flown by!

One of our favorite things to do in the Summer is to play outside in our backyard at sunset. We've gotten a head start on that this year :)

The kids like it because it's the coolest part of the day plus it pushes bed time back a bit :) I like it because it's the best time to shoot during the day.

Jocelyn has some fake gold and silver plastic coins that various leprechauns have brought her over the years. She likes to hide them in the yard and make you find them. And then you have to do the same for her. It's like hunting for Easter eggs, but the coins are small and it's much easier to loose them.

We even went out to play and swing one morning. We also had to finish reading some books for our reading log, so I just took them outside. Most of the time I feel like that "Frazzled thing" from the book :)

Stuffed animals are never far from the fun. Oh, and she's traded her Piglet obsession for Five Nights at Freddy's stuffed characters. I don't even know where Piglet or Piggie JR are currently lying right now.

For Mother's Day, I got a nice picture with all 3 of my kids :) Thanks, Brian, for the great picture!

And I can thank Brian for the huge flying disc thing that the kids love!

We look forward to many more nights outside on the swings and trampoline, catching lightning bugs and chasing sunsets :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10 on 10 :: Crazy Edition

Well, another month has gone by way too fast. I managed to take 9 pictures with my DSLR and a few more with my camera phone. All in all, I was able to capture our day.

 Jayce bought one of those damn fidget spinners on Amazon. Instead of helping his focus, he just perseverates on it and can't concentrate on anything else. 

 Little Miss begged to go outside and swing today before her bath and getting ready for preschool.

 I had the privilege of photographing my friend's daughter who is turning one on Saturday :)

 I then went to check up on my mom who is home recovering from back surgery. She's doing much better!

 Showing off my new LulaRoe maxi skirt I got the other night :)

 Jocelyn wanted to make her preschool teachers something for the end of the year gifts. She adamantly insisted that she paint something for them. In addition to the picture frames, we'll get them gift cards as well :)

From 2:45- 4 PM, I'm in car line getting these goofs from school. 

Jaina's after school snack
 Jocelyn wanted to bring Mangle to Karate with her.

Isn't she so stinkin' cute with her yellow belt?

Dinner was chicken teriyaki for everyone but Jayce. 

And another day is done!