May 10 on 10 :: Crazy Edition

Well, another month has gone by way too fast. I managed to take 9 pictures with my DSLR and a few more with my camera phone. All in all, I was able to capture our day.

 Jayce bought one of those damn fidget spinners on Amazon. Instead of helping his focus, he just perseverates on it and can't concentrate on anything else. 

 Little Miss begged to go outside and swing today before her bath and getting ready for preschool.

 I had the privilege of photographing my friend's daughter who is turning one on Saturday :)

 I then went to check up on my mom who is home recovering from back surgery. She's doing much better!

 Showing off my new LulaRoe maxi skirt I got the other night :)

 Jocelyn wanted to make her preschool teachers something for the end of the year gifts. She adamantly insisted that she paint something for them. In addition to the picture frames, we'll get them gift cards as well :)

From 2:45- 4 PM, I'm in car line getting these goofs from school. 

Jaina's after school snack
 Jocelyn wanted to bring Mangle to Karate with her.

Isn't she so stinkin' cute with her yellow belt?

Dinner was chicken teriyaki for everyone but Jayce. 

And another day is done!


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