Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Oh, April! :: 2019

This April catch up post is extremely late since it's almost June. I had planned on getting this up and written on April 30th after I had finished editing all my sessions from April. However, the universe had other plans. On Sunday, April 28th at 2:00 PM, I fell at McMillan park resulting in a dislocated an broken ankle that required surgery. So, that's where I've been :P

Let's go back to the beginning of April, shall we?

I believe the first week of April was our Spring Break from school!

We were originally going to go to Florida, but it just didn't work out. The big kids were kind of upset, but enjoyed a week of doing nothing at home.

Jocelyn and I went to Riverbanks Zoo!

Jocelyn continued with her upward flag football cheerleading every Friday night.

We also went to Columbia, SC to take Jaina to Ichiban Con. She cosplayed as Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle and yellow guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. While she was there, Jocelyn and I went to Edventure children's museum.

Then it was back to school and work! 

We also had our pictures made by Rebecca Bright Photography! They turned out amazing!

Then Aunt Susan and Uncle Ron came to visit. Susan and I practiced photography and we went to see Jocelyn cheer. We also visited Jaina at work! She started a new job at Delaney's.

It was a month of getting new pets! First came Luka the ball python. Jaina got him from my friend Aimee who was looking to rehome him.

Then it was back to the preschool for an egg hunt! The toddlers were so adorable!

And Jocelyn lost one of her top front teeth!

It was a crazy busy month! I'm currently blogging from my phone so I'm going to try to add some phone pics from April, too.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

March Madness :: 2019

It's already April 1st and I can't even remember what we did in March! It was SUCH a blur!

Thank goodness for pictures!

Here's what we did:

Friday, March 1st, was our night of awards for winter basketball cheerleading. Jocelyn was a little disappointed that she didn't get a trophy. Those are up to the coach to order, pay for, and distribute, and not all coaches do this. But we couldn't have asked for a better coach! Coach Hayle was awesome!

Jocelyn also had a pokemon playdate with her friend Cecelia.

The next day was a very important holiday in the Walker home. It was National Platypus day! Also known as Perry Day.

We also had a Perry photo shoot at Milliken.

We have a new favorite restaurant in Boiling Springs... Antonio Bertollo's Pizza.

Jocelyn dressed up as a lion for Lion King day at Hendrix!

I put up a gallery wall!

Jayce got a haircut!

And then the world stopped when Jocelyn came down with the flu. It was really scary :( I took her to the doctor three separate times: 1. when she was first diagnosed 2. when her fever was 106! and 3. when the fever lasted more than 5 days. Luckily, no one else got it.

A few days later, she was finally up out of bed and drawing again.

Meanwhile, Jaina went to SC ComiCon in Greenville with her friends. It was the first convention she drove herself to! I made her take back roads and stay off the highway.

I have no idea why I took Jayce's picture. Maybe because I seem to never do it :P

Jocelyn's fever broke the day that I left for DC with Jaina and the BSHS Chorus!

We got home the day before St. Patrick's Day. Jaina had to work a 10 hour shift at Delany's Irish Pub and made $200 in tips just as a hostess! As for the rest of us, we were tired and didn't celebrate except by wearing green.

We all had eye appointments this month. Scheduling 5 people is hard to do! Especially when we had to reschedule due to sickness. Guess who needed glasses??

This is Jocelyn and her friend Mila. We are sad because Mila is moving to NC and we will miss her!

Jaina had a GI Psych appointment (we LOVE Dr. Jones!) and we were back in time to have lunch with Jocelyn.

Jayce came home from school in tears. His friend told him that people in PE were making fun of him. A new haircut and some new sneakers made him feel better. Retail therapy for the win!

Later that night, Jayce had a chorus performance and I got a rare picture of him and Trisha :)

Finally, it was time to see Hendrix Elem kids perform the Lion King!

They did an amazing job!!!

I also decided to get my hair cut. I used Brittanee-Noel from The Industry.

Jocelyn's glasses came in and we have eased her into wearing them.

Although we *just* finished with basketball cheer, it was already time to sign up for Spring cheer. She's cheering for Spring Flag Football. Um... yeah. We have no idea why football is in the Spring.

Jocelyn has a new IG account (message me for the username!) and now has only pictures of herself. Jaina has been her photographer.

As for me, I still love teaching the toddlers at First Pres 2-3 days a week. We celebrated World Down Syndrome Day with crazy socks and I got to experience my first Imagination City!

Brian's doing well. He's a little stressed at work, but nothing he can't handle. Just lots of projects and pleasing people. He's better at the first than the last one :)

We both have read the book now, but we haven't had time to sit down and discuss it. That will have to happen in April.

Things are moving along!