Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gerald McBoing-Boing

I'm on a Special Needs Parenting Board and a dad with autism posted this video. Its a cartoon from the 1960's that has been remade and now airing on Boomerang. It touched my heart :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm done

Usually when I say the words "I'm done" its referring to my mental state at the end of the day dealing with my children. But this time, I mean that I'm finally done reading all 4 books in the Twilight Saga. I know most of my fellow blog readers are either already into the series or already completed it. But in case you aren't, go pick it up. I know you'll find it in the Young Adult section at the book store, but it doesn't matter, I promise. So far I haven't met anyone that hasn't liked it. Even my mom likes it, despite her taking WEEKS to finish the first book. I seriously don't know how she is putting it down! She's the only one that has self control, I think :)

Anyway, my books will be shipped to Corey as soon as my friend Patty is done. When I have them back, I'll be happy to share them with another reader :) It will probably be faster that way instead of waiting for the local library to have a copy! Or, if you can't wait, Target has really great deals on the books. The first two are in paperback and the last two are in hardcover.

Enough of the book, I am done and I have gotten a ton accomplished since then. So, onto the serial posting on my blog!

Chimney Rock Park

Yep, lazy, so here's a slide show!

We haven't been to Chimney Rock in a year, I think. At any rate, our passes had expired and we wanted to get new ones. But first we waited to see Jayce's reaction, since the last two times we went up there were disasters. Well, what a difference a year makes! Jayce LOVED Chimney Rock and had a blast. In fact, we are going back up there tomorrow :)

End of Soccer

These are pictures from the Altitude's last two games of the season. They had a great season overall! 8 games were scheduled. One was canceled due to holiday weekend. 5 were won, two were lost. (although technically, you aren' supposed to keep score. I'm glad our coach did anyway!) There was totally equal playing time despite the differences in skill our team had. Jaina is very disappointed that she did not score a goal, but recognizes the fact that she plays a much stronger defense than offense :) For never having played soccer before at all, Jaina did quite well! She learned the rules of the game and how to play on a team. She made friends and got some exercise. We are hoping that she'll want to play again either in the Spring or next Fall.

From 6th Game:

Last game of the season:

Jayce was doing his best firecracker impression. Gray was not impressed.

After the game, we made a short appearance at her best friend Ashlan's birthday party before heading over to the awards ceremony.

Awards ceremony (excuse the lighting):

I bribed Jaina with candy to pose for the following pictures. Totally worth it!:

And now? Cheerleading starts in just over a month. What the heck. Its something she hasn't tried yet!

My baby

I know he's already 3 and a half, but he's definitely still my baby :)

Does it ever end?

And I only have 4 people to do laundry for!? How on earth do my friends with more than two kids do it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Hiatus

Keep It Together will be on leave for another few days as I finish reading Book 4 of Stephanie Meyer's vampire saga, "Breaking Dawn". Then I really need to do the following things before I even LET myself blog again:
-4 loads of laundry on my floor
-clean the fish tank
-organize meals for MOMS Club
-help Jaina see her bedroom floor again
-buy new shelves for the playroom
-call Dr. Dy-go for Jayce
-fill out ABA intake forms
-call insurance company about said ABA forms
-bake bread
-go through 300 soccer pictures to send to team members

See ya soon. Or maybe never again!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I know most of you have already seen these on either APU or facebook, but I can't NOT post them again here. So, sorry if this post bores you. I never get bored looking at pictures of my kids :)

So, even though there are a ton of places that advertise "pick your own pumpkin at our patch!" they don't really mean that. They mean, "come get one of our pumpkins that we grew but already picked and just happened to spread out in a big field for you". Come on, guys... that's not a patch. We're not stupid! Except the kids don't seem to mind at all. I don't think my kids have even seen a pumpkin growing on a vine. How sad :(

Anyway, we like to buy our pumpkins from the Episcopal church on the westside of town. Don't ask me why. I think we just happened to be by there when Jaina was a baby and since their profits go to some good cause, we bought a couple. Now we go every year to the same place.

We bought two nice looking pumpkins and took them over to our friends' house. We've never carved pumpkins with the Beals Family before. Rob and Brian went off to get pizza from the greek restaurant and the kids had a great time playing. Jayce loves "Miss Jessica's" house because of "Miss Jessica's computer". Jessica has a totally laid back attitude and not a whole lot Jayce does bothers her. He appreciates that as he repeatedly shuts down her computer and turns the wide screen TV on and off and continually opens and shuts her back door. This night he was really wanting to do some laundry over there, but alas, Jessica had none to do!

Jaina played with one of her best friends, Julia. They watched spooky halloween episodes of the Simpsons after coming inside for the night.

After Brian scooped out both pumpkins, I set to work carving an intricate Spongebob (for Jaina) and a Thomas the Train (for Jayce). It took forever and my hand was killing me afterwards!

And of course, since it was 86 degrees every day this week, our pumpkins rotted to the point of mush in just a handful of days :( All that hard work down the drain. Oh well, we'll carve some more on the day before halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Grade Rocks!

Jaina participated in the musical, "First Grade Rocks" last week at her school. Sorry about the quality of the pictures... we had HORRIBLE seats (well, we were left standing against a wall, so it wasn't even "seats") and there was bad lighting and I couldn't really see Jaina for the majority of the play. Oh well :(

Right before the play:

The teachers boogie down to "ABC... 123"

A poster Jaina made hanging outside her door at school:

So,the purpose of the musical was to show the parents what our first graders were learning this year.. math, science, time, social studies, creative movement, etc. Not all the kids got to participate, which I think was kinda crappy. Jaina somehow scored a role, though, She was "Ant #2" in the "Ants go Marching" number.

There was a whole lot of confusion about what to wear. The teacher sent home a note saying, "Everyone with a part must wear white t-shirt and jeans." Then a few days later, everyone got a note saying, "send $5 for your kid to buy a t-shirt to wear for the musical". Then a day later, we got a note saying, "Send your kid in a white t-shirt, we'll change them at school". So, the result? 1/2 the kids were wearing their ABC/123 t-shirts and 1/2 were wearing a plain white shirt. It didn't make any sense.

Anyway, Jayce enjoyed the play, but not the 30 minutes of waiting for it to begin! It was crowded and hot in that cafeteria and I could hardly blame him! And the frustrating thing was that the entire play lasted 20 minutes. We waited longer for it to start than it even was!

When we went to pick up Jaina the next day at school, Jayce said, "Sing Jaina? Ants march?" LOL!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Festifall at Walnut Grove

Brian's coworker, Travis, invited us to Walnut Grove Plantation last weekend for a Revolutionary War re-enactment. His wife is the director there and she did a fabulous job pulling everything together!

Walnut Grove Plantation - Overview
Walnut Grove Plantation is on land granted in 1763 by King George III to Charles Moore when this area was on the western frontier. The home was built by Charles and Mary Moore in 1765, and they raised their 10 children there on the property. This historic site portrays living conditions in Spartanburg County prior to 1805. The main house has double shouldered chimneys, clapboard-over-log construction, and Queen Anne mantels. There are a number of other buildings on the property, including: Rocky Spring Academy, one of the first schools in the area; a separate kitchen; a blacksmith's forge; a meat house; a barn sheltering a Conestoga-type wagon; a well house with its dry cooling-cellar; and the reconstructed office of Dr. Andrew Barry Moore, the county's first trained physician.

Jayce LOVED the gunfire... and kept looking at the sky to see the fireworks that never did appear :) Jaina was just happy because Brian bought her stuff :P Their favorite part was the wooded trail that led to the cemetery. I think we walked it all of 3 times!

And yes... that is my youngest child on a "leash". The event was not stroller accessible and my son is a bolter. He did very well with his monkey backpack :)