Although our town is fairly small population-wise (and predominately Baptist), there is a small Greek Orthodox community not too far from our house. Every year they host a weekend festival full of awesome greek food, fun dancing, church tours, and amusement rides for the kids. We attend almost every year and never fail to have a good time.

The very first thing the kids wanted to do was slide down the big inflatable. Jayce didn't quite understand why he could only have a few turns and why he had to wait in line. It wasn't like Monkey Joe's or Pump it up!

Brian and Jayce wait for sister to get done jumping in the bouncy house.

Next we all went on a ride, very similar to tea cups. I thought these pictures of Jaina were fun :)

Jayce loved this ride!

There were only a couple of tables with jewelry for sale. Yet, it still took her a good 30 minutes to pick something!

Still picking...

Finally, she picked a $5 beaded bracelet:

Jayce loved the greek dancing!

Waiting in line for the fishing game:

Jayce was NOT happy that he had to go back in the stroller:

Jaina won a moose name Zeus:


  1. You always take such nice pictures. I like the motion blur in the background, they look great. Greek Festivals are fun, I am the only one that eats the food, but its a good culture for kids to get to know.

    Nice bracelet Jaina picked out, Joshua is the same way at the Ren Fest, he will take a while to pick things out too. It's always fun when they win something, they usually end up treasuring the prize.

    Jayce looks like he was "kicking" it up on the dance floor, he's so cute.

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like a fun day.


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