Pumpkin Patch

I know most of you have already seen these on either APU or facebook, but I can't NOT post them again here. So, sorry if this post bores you. I never get bored looking at pictures of my kids :)

So, even though there are a ton of places that advertise "pick your own pumpkin at our patch!" they don't really mean that. They mean, "come get one of our pumpkins that we grew but already picked and just happened to spread out in a big field for you". Come on, guys... that's not a patch. We're not stupid! Except the kids don't seem to mind at all. I don't think my kids have even seen a pumpkin growing on a vine. How sad :(

Anyway, we like to buy our pumpkins from the Episcopal church on the westside of town. Don't ask me why. I think we just happened to be by there when Jaina was a baby and since their profits go to some good cause, we bought a couple. Now we go every year to the same place.

We bought two nice looking pumpkins and took them over to our friends' house. We've never carved pumpkins with the Beals Family before. Rob and Brian went off to get pizza from the greek restaurant and the kids had a great time playing. Jayce loves "Miss Jessica's" house because of "Miss Jessica's computer". Jessica has a totally laid back attitude and not a whole lot Jayce does bothers her. He appreciates that as he repeatedly shuts down her computer and turns the wide screen TV on and off and continually opens and shuts her back door. This night he was really wanting to do some laundry over there, but alas, Jessica had none to do!

Jaina played with one of her best friends, Julia. They watched spooky halloween episodes of the Simpsons after coming inside for the night.

After Brian scooped out both pumpkins, I set to work carving an intricate Spongebob (for Jaina) and a Thomas the Train (for Jayce). It took forever and my hand was killing me afterwards!

And of course, since it was 86 degrees every day this week, our pumpkins rotted to the point of mush in just a handful of days :( All that hard work down the drain. Oh well, we'll carve some more on the day before halloween!


  1. Hey, my blog said you just updated 40 minutes ago--what are you doing up so late?? (Or, up so early?)

  2. I haven't seen these yet. I am sorry I missed your call Saturday night, I was at an all day birthday party with the boys. I never get bored at seeing your kids. We miss you so much. I agree with you on the pumpkin patches, ours down here are more like "pumpkins- just -dumped- off -from- the- truck -on- to -some -hay- patch".

    I will try to call you. Take care,

  3. You have beautiful kids! great pictures :)


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