First Grade Rocks!

Jaina participated in the musical, "First Grade Rocks" last week at her school. Sorry about the quality of the pictures... we had HORRIBLE seats (well, we were left standing against a wall, so it wasn't even "seats") and there was bad lighting and I couldn't really see Jaina for the majority of the play. Oh well :(

Right before the play:

The teachers boogie down to "ABC... 123"

A poster Jaina made hanging outside her door at school:

So,the purpose of the musical was to show the parents what our first graders were learning this year.. math, science, time, social studies, creative movement, etc. Not all the kids got to participate, which I think was kinda crappy. Jaina somehow scored a role, though, She was "Ant #2" in the "Ants go Marching" number.

There was a whole lot of confusion about what to wear. The teacher sent home a note saying, "Everyone with a part must wear white t-shirt and jeans." Then a few days later, everyone got a note saying, "send $5 for your kid to buy a t-shirt to wear for the musical". Then a day later, we got a note saying, "Send your kid in a white t-shirt, we'll change them at school". So, the result? 1/2 the kids were wearing their ABC/123 t-shirts and 1/2 were wearing a plain white shirt. It didn't make any sense.

Anyway, Jayce enjoyed the play, but not the 30 minutes of waiting for it to begin! It was crowded and hot in that cafeteria and I could hardly blame him! And the frustrating thing was that the entire play lasted 20 minutes. We waited longer for it to start than it even was!

When we went to pick up Jaina the next day at school, Jayce said, "Sing Jaina? Ants march?" LOL!


  1. Joshua had his Cowboy Musical today.

    I got there 40 minutes early and still had to fight for my first row seat. School plays are tough. That sucks that not all 1st graders got to participate. I like Jaina's art work. I think you did well documenting the event :)


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