Krispy Kreme

After attending Greek Fest last weekend, we all headed over to the only place in town to get good donuts... Krispy Kreme.

Now, I've heard some people exclaim, "Yeah, I've had some Krispy Kreme donuts before... what's the big deal? They weren't that good." Then come to find out that these are the same people that live either up North or out West and have picked up their Krispy Kreme from a grocery store or convenience store chain.

Um, no. That doesn't count. Not at all! You have to actually go to a Krispy Kreme bakery where they are frying the donuts right before your eyes and you absorb the hot melty goodness the second it comes out of the oil. Now, THAT's some good donuts :)

The added plus is that we got to see Jaina's boyfriend, Mr. Johnny. When Jaina was 3 years old and took gymnastics class, we used to stop on the way home every time and get a donut. Jaina formed quite an attachment to this one worker there. He is a sweetheart and always makes time for us. We hadn't been to KK for quite some time and it was surprising that Mr. Johnny recognized us immediately and brought us 4 free donuts :)


  1. You are soo right about eating the doughnuts right out of the oil! Love the pics...especially the one of Jaina licking her finger! Too cute!

  2. true true, there is nothing like a fresh hot krispy kreme. yum yum. unfortunately we do not have one in this town. but we make sure when we head to kendal's in boise that we always get some :)

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    oh gosh, yes... i remember our first time having a fresh krispy kreme. definitely worth crossing the border! mmmmmmm!


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