Oh, yes... I did

Got caught up in the book "Twilight" by Stephanie Myers, like all 5 million other people on this planet. I read all 500 pages in two days. And am already planning on heading to the store tomorrow to buy Book Number Two, Moonlight.

Our monthly book club actually picked this book for October's selection. Its kinda surprising since we normally read pretty deep and intellectually stimulating novels. Oh, this novel was stimulating, but in a "can't put this book down, must keep reading even though my hands and wrists are numb" kind of way. It was such an easy and enjoyable read, I can totally tell why everyone loves it.

Its considered young adult fiction, but every single adult I know that has read it, has loved it. I am definitely no exception!

So, if you want to borrow my book, I'm done with it :)


  1. that is so funny b/c i just finished it also and just started the second. i never thought it sounded remotely like a book i would enjoy, but i finally caved to all the hype and now i'm hooked :) i too know tons of adults who love them and quite honestly, not sure i would let my "teen" read them...for several reasons. anyway, enjoy the others. i like jumping on late sometimes b/c there is no waiting for the next book :)

  2. I'll take it! Please?

  3. Wasn't it awesome?! I loved it too! I started New Moon on my vacation last week and am half way through it! I can't wait for the movie!!

  4. Okay, I am going to get a copy from the library then. I have been looking for a good read. Thanks, feel free to recommend books to me any time. I get stumped on what to read some times.

  5. I just started this book as well. It's great. I'm almost finished & will be starting the second one soon!


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