Festifall at Walnut Grove

Brian's coworker, Travis, invited us to Walnut Grove Plantation last weekend for a Revolutionary War re-enactment. His wife is the director there and she did a fabulous job pulling everything together!

Walnut Grove Plantation - Overview
Walnut Grove Plantation is on land granted in 1763 by King George III to Charles Moore when this area was on the western frontier. The home was built by Charles and Mary Moore in 1765, and they raised their 10 children there on the property. This historic site portrays living conditions in Spartanburg County prior to 1805. The main house has double shouldered chimneys, clapboard-over-log construction, and Queen Anne mantels. There are a number of other buildings on the property, including: Rocky Spring Academy, one of the first schools in the area; a separate kitchen; a blacksmith's forge; a meat house; a barn sheltering a Conestoga-type wagon; a well house with its dry cooling-cellar; and the reconstructed office of Dr. Andrew Barry Moore, the county's first trained physician.

Jayce LOVED the gunfire... and kept looking at the sky to see the fireworks that never did appear :) Jaina was just happy because Brian bought her stuff :P Their favorite part was the wooded trail that led to the cemetery. I think we walked it all of 3 times!

And yes... that is my youngest child on a "leash". The event was not stroller accessible and my son is a bolter. He did very well with his monkey backpack :)


  1. Wow!, So very cool. Great pictures. Thanks for the history lesson too, very interesting.

    I would have never guessed that was a leash, I just thought Jayce had his monkey attached to Jaina. That is neat. It beats taking a stroller all the time. Jaina is a great big sister!

  2. Hi, Jess! I love this blog. You've got a wonderful family, and it seems the kids are just a great joy to be with! :) :)
    Miss talking to you.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    looks like a great day! and that monkey backback is a cute idea!!

  4. I'm hoping to make it to Walnut Grove this year but not sure if it's look late. Not sure if my kids would get it either (colonial stuff and all). Either way, wanted to ask where you got the monkey backpack because yes, my youngest is a bolter too! Ask me about losing her at Disney World sometime!! Yikes!

  5. How fun! I really want to go to something like that.

  6. Gosh, you're photography is good. I wish you could come take pictures for my blog! :)


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