End of Soccer

These are pictures from the Altitude's last two games of the season. They had a great season overall! 8 games were scheduled. One was canceled due to holiday weekend. 5 were won, two were lost. (although technically, you aren' supposed to keep score. I'm glad our coach did anyway!) There was totally equal playing time despite the differences in skill our team had. Jaina is very disappointed that she did not score a goal, but recognizes the fact that she plays a much stronger defense than offense :) For never having played soccer before at all, Jaina did quite well! She learned the rules of the game and how to play on a team. She made friends and got some exercise. We are hoping that she'll want to play again either in the Spring or next Fall.

From 6th Game:

Last game of the season:

Jayce was doing his best firecracker impression. Gray was not impressed.

After the game, we made a short appearance at her best friend Ashlan's birthday party before heading over to the awards ceremony.

Awards ceremony (excuse the lighting):

I bribed Jaina with candy to pose for the following pictures. Totally worth it!:

And now? Cheerleading starts in just over a month. What the heck. Its something she hasn't tried yet!


  1. "Jayce was doing his best firecracker impression. Gray was not impressed."


    I loved all your entires since your break for reading but that one had me rolling. The look on Gray's face. Priceless.

    Can't wait for th ebooks! Library has me third on th ewaiting list. The book sat on the shelf unclaimed for ten days for the person who reserved it before me and never picked it up. I suppose that's better than the 8 weeks they'll let you have it if you do pick it up.


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