Thursday, December 29, 2016

Visiting Santa

One of the preschool traditions I love is visiting the Mall Santa as a class during a non-crowded time and then eating lunch afterwards. This is such a win-win! First of all, the kids get to visit Santa with no lines! And parents are allowed to take pictures with their own cameras (usually prohibited, but the preschool pays to allow this to happen). Then we all have lunch together as a class :)

The boys were a bit excited and rowdy at the prospect of being out of school!

The girls were much more mellow about it.

Jocelyn and that silly tight lipped smile she gives these days:

She's still cute!

She told Santa she wants a Zoomer Kitty and a Zoomer Skye.

And as a special treat, our Santa played Christmas carols on his banjo!

I can't wait to see the cute shirts they make next year :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Parties and Programs

Moving right along...

'Tis the season for Christmas programs and parties!

Jayce was up first as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer in the North Pole Musical. He had a solo and everything! 

Jocelyn was very sick with a virus-turned-bacterial-infection and missed 6 days of school. After her eye swelled shut, I took her to the doctor for antibiotics. She was given permission to return to school just in time for her program.

I tried taking her picture in her Christmas outfit when we got home, but she wasn't very cooperative :)

Then it was time to see Jaina perform in the HS Choral Ensemble. They did such an amazing job!

The big kids don't really  have formal parties in school any longer, but I'm thankful I get to enjoy them with Jocelyn for the next few years :)

Little miss doesn't like to take pictures where she is smiling big with teeth showing. So I get stuff like this now:

I managed to trick her for this next one:

And then her sly smile is back:

She is such a phony baloney!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Walker Family Photos 2016

I have been admiring Jennifer Conway's beautiful photography talent for years and never dreamed that she would be able to fit us in for a family session before Thanksgiving. But, she did! And it was magical.

Well, okay... her talent was magical. The light was magical. My family was not magical.

Jocelyn fell and scrapped her knees and hands (and brand new leggings) before we even started. Jaina had the typical teenage attitude. Jayce was messing around throwing sticks and leaves in his sisters' faces. And all the kids kept getting into the background when it was time for Brian and I to have our pictures made together. Sigh.

But, I know that they always turn out better than you think they will. And my kids might drive me absolutely insane during family photos, but the photographers usually find them humorous. After all, they only have to put up with them for an hour :)

These are just a few of my favorites.

I am so thrilled that Jen was able to capture the sweet moments that our family shares... as fleeting as they might be :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Life has finally slowed down a bit, just in time for the Christmas holiday. But before I start talking about our December fun, I've got to catch up on Thanksgiving!

Jocelyn had a "feast" at school:

Then we had a nice quiet dinner at our home with just one guest: Grandma :)

I gotta say that our Popeye's Cajun Fried Turkey was the best thing ever and we'll be continuing that tradition next year!

The next day we arrived at Great Wolf Lodge, which is the best Thanksgiving Tradition!

It was a great birthday weekend playing Magi Quest, having fun at the water park, going out to eat at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant, and I got a massage from the spa!

Jocelyn pretended to be a wolf the entire time. I am sure no one is surprised :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Halloween 2016

I can't believe we've celebrated 14 years of Halloween with this girl.

It's bittersweet having a teen for many reasons, but changing holiday traditions is just one of them. This year was the year that Jaina decided to forgo dressing up for Trunk or Treat and didn't go Trick or Treating at all.

But yet she talked her dad into buying her a Cosplay costume from a popular Anime series.

Lucy Heartfilia is her favorite character.

And this is Jaina's costume. Luckily the skirt was much longer on her :)

I'm a mean mom and wouldn't buy her a whip or let her dye her hair blonde just for Halloween. I'm sure she'll get over it :) And when SHE is a mom of a teen, I'm sure they will have a similar conversation.

My sweet boy Jayce, who is 11 this year, decided to dress up as his favorite Nintendo character, Link from the Legend of Zelda. I took him out to the woods for a quick photo shoot.

My littlest one couldn't decide, as per usual. She convinced Brian to buy her a Batgirl costume and then said she really wanted to be Skye from Paw Patrol. Daddy spoils her rotten so she, of course, got both costumes.

We had so many opportunities to wear our costumes, thanks to MOMS Club, her preschool, a community church, and Trick or Treating in our own neighborhood.

Whether she was a puppy or a bat (or some crazy Wolf thing), she was mighty cute.

And speaking of cute...

There's nothing cuter than an adult male channeling his inner child. Or is there?

And I deserve a medal for supporting his choice of a couple's costume this year.

It was a great halloween! And I'm still enjoying the candy!