Walker Family Photos 2016

I have been admiring Jennifer Conway's beautiful photography talent for years and never dreamed that she would be able to fit us in for a family session before Thanksgiving. But, she did! And it was magical.

Well, okay... her talent was magical. The light was magical. My family was not magical.

Jocelyn fell and scrapped her knees and hands (and brand new leggings) before we even started. Jaina had the typical teenage attitude. Jayce was messing around throwing sticks and leaves in his sisters' faces. And all the kids kept getting into the background when it was time for Brian and I to have our pictures made together. Sigh.

But, I know that they always turn out better than you think they will. And my kids might drive me absolutely insane during family photos, but the photographers usually find them humorous. After all, they only have to put up with them for an hour :)

These are just a few of my favorites.

I am so thrilled that Jen was able to capture the sweet moments that our family shares... as fleeting as they might be :)


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