Christmas Parties and Programs

Moving right along...

'Tis the season for Christmas programs and parties!

Jayce was up first as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer in the North Pole Musical. He had a solo and everything! 

Jocelyn was very sick with a virus-turned-bacterial-infection and missed 6 days of school. After her eye swelled shut, I took her to the doctor for antibiotics. She was given permission to return to school just in time for her program.

I tried taking her picture in her Christmas outfit when we got home, but she wasn't very cooperative :)

Then it was time to see Jaina perform in the HS Choral Ensemble. They did such an amazing job!

The big kids don't really  have formal parties in school any longer, but I'm thankful I get to enjoy them with Jocelyn for the next few years :)

Little miss doesn't like to take pictures where she is smiling big with teeth showing. So I get stuff like this now:

I managed to trick her for this next one:

And then her sly smile is back:

She is such a phony baloney!


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