Visiting Santa

One of the preschool traditions I love is visiting the Mall Santa as a class during a non-crowded time and then eating lunch afterwards. This is such a win-win! First of all, the kids get to visit Santa with no lines! And parents are allowed to take pictures with their own cameras (usually prohibited, but the preschool pays to allow this to happen). Then we all have lunch together as a class :)

The boys were a bit excited and rowdy at the prospect of being out of school!

The girls were much more mellow about it.

Jocelyn and that silly tight lipped smile she gives these days:

She's still cute!

She told Santa she wants a Zoomer Kitty and a Zoomer Skye.

And as a special treat, our Santa played Christmas carols on his banjo!

I can't wait to see the cute shirts they make next year :)


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