Monday, July 30, 2012

Comments, Questions, Concerns?

There's gonna be some changes around here....

And they have nothing to do with Jocelyn or her sleeping habits. (Although I wouldn't necessarily mind having a baby that slept 12 consecutive hours... just sayin')

It seems as though I am having commenting issues again. Every so often, I start getting emails from various local friends, family members, and online blog readers that inform me that they cannot seem to comment on my blog.

It seems like the issue is different for everyone. Doesn't matter if they have a Blogger account, or haven't enabled pop-ups, or can't load the captcha, or have different browsers, or use a mobile device to view my blog. It seems like there's a different error for everyone.

I thought Disqus was my friend for a while.... but then it quit loading most of the time.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to install Facebook Comments. It didn't really work and now I have TWO comment boxes that only work for a handful of people.

I've changed my settings so many times. I allow anonymous posters. I don't have captcha enabled. I have the comment box imbedded to prevent pop-ups.

What's sad is that I don't even get any spam! Its really THAT difficult to post a comment on my blog! Even the spammers can't get through!

So, I've decided to scrap this template and start over.

Please excuse the construction around here for the next few days. I have a lot on my plate right now and really don't have time to devote to redesigning my blog. But its driving me crazy the way it is, so I'm going to simplify things for a bit.

Be back soon....

Oh, and hey... if you can actually access the comments on this post, will you please leave one? And if you can't? Will you email me at and let me know what error message you get?


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching Up: Yummy Yummy

Back to catching up with the rest of our summer...

I am linking up with Melissa from The Larson Lingo for her Summer Salad Swap.

There are so many salads I love; tortellini salad,  greek cucumber salad, tomato basil pasta salad, a good ol' tossed salad with balsamic vinaigrette...

But my favorite salad to make for summer is a simple fresh fruit salad:

Everything you see here is in season during these hot summer months. This is a great salad to be kept on hand, chilled in the fridge, ready for lunch guests.

There are many variations to this salad, of course. I'm not a particular fan of melon, so that never goes in my salad. Also, I stay away from bananas since they tend to get mushy.

I use a different fruit for each color of the rainbow:

RED: cut up strawberries or halved red grapes
ORANGE: a navel orange peeled, separated, and cut. You could also use mandarin oranges or cantaloupe.
YELLOW: Freshly cut pineapple. (canned does not have the same effect!)
GREEN: halved green grapes or kiwi
BLUE: fresh picked blueberries, of course!
WHITE: sometimes I cut up an apple, any variety, to put in my salad. My kids like Granny Smith the best. If you use some of the juice from your cut up pineapple to pour over the apples, it will prevent them from browning so quickly. No pineapple juice? Use some lemon juice or a splash of OJ from your fridge.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Six Months

Half of her first year of life has passed.


I know its cliche, but it really is going by way too fast.

Jocelyn is almost sitting up without support. She can only stay up by herself for a second or two before she falls. This was one of those seconds:

Jaina sat right next to her in case she fell. Which she did, a lot.

Jayce wanted a picture with his little sister, too :)

I think she grows more beautiful each day.

At 6 months, Jocelyn is:

- eating rice cereal, bananas, pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans.
- sipping water from a sippy cup (we have to hold it)
- sitting up with support
- rolling all over the place
- trying hard to scootch on her stomach to get out of reach toys
- sleeping from 8 PM-7:30 AM with only one night waking
- still fussy in the late evenings
- only takes a pacifier at sleepy times
- is not bearing weight on her legs at all
- is not pushing up on her arms when on her tummy

And being the slightly paranoid mom I am when it comes to developmental delays, I had Jayce's Occupational Therapist to take a quick look at Jocelyn. She is writing us a referral to see a Physical Therapist about her muscle tone and motor planning.

Autism will always be at the back our minds, I'm not gonna lie. Low tone doesn't always equal a Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. However, many kids on the spectrum have low muscle tone. That was one of our first indications with Jayce.

At any rate, we are being proactive and will look into getting Jocelyn some PT to help increase her muscle tone. Jayce's OT gave me some ideas of things to do at home as well!

Catching Up: Rednecking on the River

It started out innocently enough....

We were having a huge mommy/baby playdate with some friends from our local LLL chapter at my house one afternoon. My good friend Angie said, "I took my girls swimming the other day. Not in a pool, but just down by the river near our house. I guess it was our version of redneck swimming or something."

And Sara said, "So you went "Rednecking on the River?" Why wasn't I invited? I want to go Rednecking on the River, too!"

And so we did :)

Right after the above photo was snapped, the girls started crawling around in the water up on the rocks. They had gotten to a spot where it was slippery and they were loosing their footing. They both held on as best as they could and started calling for help. It took me a minute to figure out that they weren't just playing around, but were really scared. I passed my camera to my friends' husband, made sure that my other friend was holding Jocelyn, and took off into the river after them. Even though they weren't in any real danger from the small waterfall that they were near, they were happy to be off those rocks!

In fact, some of the older boys were actually jumping off the spot where Jaina and Virginia got stuck.

Jocelyn just took it all in stride. She handles the heat outdoors pretty darn well!

Yes, she had fallen asleep while sucking on my friend's arm. Silly baby!

After the river, we all headed to Angie's for a cook out. And some margaritas!!

Rest assured that the girls have lemonade in their glasses :) I poured it myself!

I'm thinking that Rednecking on the River is going to be an annual summer event :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching Up: Britton Visit

I cannot get over how big our girls look in these pictures!! Jaina and Ashlan have been friends since they were newly turned 6-year-olds on their very first day of 1st grade. And... *sniff*... they are going to be 5th Graders this year!!

Our dear friends live all the way in North Carolina now and visits between us have been scarce due to our schedules ( and me having a baby and all that jazz).

They were passing through on our town on the way to see family and finally got to meet Jocelyn!

I'd have to say that the Britton Family are big fans of the new baby :)

Best Friends Forever:

I'd say Jocelyn likes them, too :)

I think Ashlan and Kyler look at little too good holding a baby... are you sure you don't want another one, Brittany?

Is this not the most precious sight??

And my favorite picture ever...

Look at our big boys, too :) 2nd graders this Fall!!

We'll be seeing this family again really soon! We can hardly wait!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up: Cow Appreciation Day

I am posting these pictures with a topic heavy on my heart. On one hand, I love Chick-fil-a. There is no restaurant down South that makes a better chicken sandwich. Their service is impeccable. The money they raise for local schools and community programs is commendable.

However, I'm very disappointed that Chick-fil-a's founder has expressed his views on gay marriage. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for freedom of speech. Its his right to have his view on traditional marriage. He certainly doesn't have to agree with me. I understand that his upbringing and his religious affiliation does not condone gay marriage.

What I have a problem with is the fact that he's donated over $2 million dollars to anti-gay groups. Really? Its not enough to disagree with someone, you have to help raise money to encourage denying the right of marriage to same-sex couples?

I will never understand this point of view. That $2 million dollars could have gone to programs to help the homeless, feed the hungry, save a child from a war-torn area, build a well in a third world country.


Some of my friends are boycotting Chick-fil-a. I don't blame them. I don't like supporting businesses with morals and ethics that go against my beliefs.

Why do I still buy food at Chick-fil-a? Well, because of the above mentioned things. If there was a restaurant down here that made a better chicken sandwich and believed in marriage equality, I'd be all over that place. But there's not. And growing up down here in the South with majority Southern Baptist Conservative Republican population, I've come to realize that my Liberal view is very much in the minority. This is a place where change is not welcome. All I can do is to hope that one day The South catches up with the rest of the nation.

So, we celebrated "Cow Appreciation Day" on July 13th.

Jayce wasn't too thrilled with the impending weather. That's why he's not smiling.

Mmmmm.... fries.......

Aren't my cows cute? We submitted one of our photos to the Cow Appreciation Gallery in order to win some chicken, but the voting button has some issues and a lot of my friends can't access the voting :( Oh well!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Catching Up: Camp Harper

"Its all in the details" is a common phrase heard when talking about parties and events. And this 4 year old's Campfire birthday party was full of cute details that emphasized that theme. Kudos to mom Amy for being creative (and using Pinterest!) to create a party that kids and adults alike would enjoy.

 S'mores Cupcakes:

Chocolate dipped marshmellows:

Individual veggies and dip:

And no party would be complete without the 4 year old Birthday Girl :)

Hot dogs:

Best Friend Babies:

Birthday Girl is a great photographer :) Just don't mind the fact that my hair is frizzy and I'm not wearing make-up.

Cake smashes aren't just for first birthdays....

It was fun times at Camp Harper! Its gonna be hard to top this party for next year's. But if anyone can do it, it will be Amy :)