Our Goofy Fourth of July

Brian had three goals he wanted to accomplish on July 4th.

1. Get on the island before 10 AM to see the Pawleys Town Parade

2. Be on the beach by 1:00 PM to see the fighter jets do their SC coast fly over.

3. Go to Georgetown to see the fireworks display.

We left our condo at 9:30 in order to get onto the island before the parade started. And we STILL couldn't find parking. We ended up having to park at the Walgreens near the North Causeway and walk all the way to the island. Jayce didn't make it very far, so he rode on Brian's shoulders while I pushed Jocelyn. Jaina was a trooper and didn't complain (much) about the walk in the heat.

By the time we reached a shady spot to watch the parade, we still had a good 30-40 minutes to wait for the parade to meet us. The kids got bored pretty quickly. It was too hot to really explore outside of our shady spot under the pavilion, so I got my camera out and snapped some pictures.

A nice passerby offered to take one of all of us. Hey, look! I'm in the picture for once, too!

Look at this love. It just melts my heart every time I see them together.

I took a lot of pictures.

Then I passed the camera off to the kids. And things got silly quickly.

Finally... the parade reaches our destination!

Jayce was quite unimpressed with the festivities. The baby was tired and hot, but miraculously did not cry at all during the loud sirens. But boy were we all glad to be back at the Walgreens! We each got a large bottle of water and Jocelyn had her first experience with a sippy cup in the parking lot :)

More from the rest of our day later!


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