More 4th of July fun

After the parade, we all went back to the condo for lunch. Brian then took the big kids to the beach in order to see the fighter jet flyover at 1:00 PM. I sacrificed missing this important event in order to take a nap with the baby. :)

A few hours later, Jaina bounded into my room.

"How was the fly over, Jaina? Did you get to see the planes?"

She rolls her eyes. "Mom, it was SO lame. One plane flew over very fast. That was it. So boring!"

Then Brian comes into the bedroom.

"That was SO awesome! We almost didn't get to the beach in time to see it!"

I'm glad my husband was happy :)

When I announced on FB that we were going to the beach, my friend Boggs emailed me to let me know she'd be in the area that same week as well. Boggs is a friend of mine from college. We've grown even closer in the past few years thanks in part to FB.

We went over to her family's beach house for a cook out and some games.

Boggs used Jocelyn for a little baby practice :) Jocelyn enjoyed being held a lot!

Then we headed over to Georgetown to see the fireworks display there.

It was a wonderful 4th of July for all of us :)


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