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Back to catching up with the rest of our summer...

I am linking up with Melissa from The Larson Lingo for her Summer Salad Swap.

There are so many salads I love; tortellini salad,  greek cucumber salad, tomato basil pasta salad, a good ol' tossed salad with balsamic vinaigrette...

But my favorite salad to make for summer is a simple fresh fruit salad:

Everything you see here is in season during these hot summer months. This is a great salad to be kept on hand, chilled in the fridge, ready for lunch guests.

There are many variations to this salad, of course. I'm not a particular fan of melon, so that never goes in my salad. Also, I stay away from bananas since they tend to get mushy.

I use a different fruit for each color of the rainbow:

RED: cut up strawberries or halved red grapes
ORANGE: a navel orange peeled, separated, and cut. You could also use mandarin oranges or cantaloupe.
YELLOW: Freshly cut pineapple. (canned does not have the same effect!)
GREEN: halved green grapes or kiwi
BLUE: fresh picked blueberries, of course!
WHITE: sometimes I cut up an apple, any variety, to put in my salad. My kids like Granny Smith the best. If you use some of the juice from your cut up pineapple to pour over the apples, it will prevent them from browning so quickly. No pineapple juice? Use some lemon juice or a splash of OJ from your fridge.



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