Last Full Day at Pawleys

We hit the ground running bright and early Thursday morning. There was a lot of fun we had to cram into the next 16 hours!

First, the Inlet Exploration Cruise....

(No, the kids didn't catch the above fish. A little 9 year old girl did. She was SO proud! And couldn't wait to go home to TN to tell her uncle, who taught her how to fish!)

Then we went to the North Causeway to the Pawleys Pier. I love photographing the pier. My children were not being willing models, though.

Rush home, clean up, and head over to one of MY favorite restaurants: The Island Bar and Grill. If I didn't get to eat some shrimp quesadillas before we left, I would have been one unhappy momma.

Mini golf time!!

There's only about a hundred places to choose from. Some courses are clean and fun.... and others leave a lot to be desired. The kids REALLY enjoyed Gilligan's Island in Murrell's Inlet. We will go there again next year after I look up this particular post on my blog and remember the name of the place :)

Shooting at 9 PM at night with the only light available by over head parking lot lights was less than ideal. I'm just lucky my new 50D handled the obstacle as well as it did!

Jocelyn made it through 10 holes and a whole lotta stair climbs in her stroller before she started crying. I carried her back to the car and nursed her to sleep while the big kids finished up their game.

That was a LONG day! I had no idea the night would be long as well. Thursday night was when Jocelyn started running a fever again and would not sleep more than 15 minutes at a time. I was up with her ALL night. Brian even got up with her in the early morning so I could get some sleep. My poor baby :(


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