Catching Up: Britton Visit

I cannot get over how big our girls look in these pictures!! Jaina and Ashlan have been friends since they were newly turned 6-year-olds on their very first day of 1st grade. And... *sniff*... they are going to be 5th Graders this year!!

Our dear friends live all the way in North Carolina now and visits between us have been scarce due to our schedules ( and me having a baby and all that jazz).

They were passing through on our town on the way to see family and finally got to meet Jocelyn!

I'd have to say that the Britton Family are big fans of the new baby :)

Best Friends Forever:

I'd say Jocelyn likes them, too :)

I think Ashlan and Kyler look at little too good holding a baby... are you sure you don't want another one, Brittany?

Is this not the most precious sight??

And my favorite picture ever...

Look at our big boys, too :) 2nd graders this Fall!!

We'll be seeing this family again really soon! We can hardly wait!


  1. How can you stand all that LOVE?! Ashlan and Kyler are really growing up, too. *sniffle (p.s. I wanna snuggle that baby!)


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