The Beach House

We arrived yesterday, late afternoon, to "our" beach condo. Since we rent the same unit every year, the kids mistakenly think its ours and that we own it. Ha! Maybe one day :) Anyway, Jayce often refers to the rented beach condo as "Our Beach House". It sure makes us sound rich!

This is Jocelyn's first trip to the beach and only her third trip away from home. (She's been to my parent's house in Atlanta twice already) Sleeping has been a bit hard for her here, but other than that, she likes our beach house just fine!

While the big kids ran up and down the hallways pretending that their rooms were actually apartments, Jocelyn "helped" daddy check his status on some work projects.

I see we have another wannabe programmer in the family... :)

After settling into the condo, we all went to eat at our favorite restaurant, "Carolina Wings and Rib" which we wrongly call "Carolina Rib and Wing" because we think it sounds better.

We waited 45 minutes for our food but it was well worth the wait!

The kids were hoping to go swimming after dinner, but a thunderstorm came through unexpectedly :( Instead we watched "Ella Enchanted" and walked around with a fussy baby that wouldn't go to bed!

More from the beach later....


  1. I love going to the beach! I hope you guys have a fantastic time. Little lady is getting close to six months right? Jericho six month birthday was today. He celebrated by getting his first tooth!


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