Plugged in

As I sit on the couch in our rented beach condo, I can't help but giggle uncontrollably. Jayce is completely obsessed with all of the TVs, remotes, and alarm clocks in the condo. He carries the list of TV channels around with him throughout the condo asking us continually "what channel do you want to watch?" just so he can change the channel. All while reminding us that the channels here are in a different order than at home.'

Jayce just asked me if I want to watch "Fox News". :P That is why I'm giggling. I'm strictly a CNN girl. You would think that Jayce would remember that!


Our summer is in full swing and we've taken a week to head to our favorite beach destination, Pawley's Island. Some families use this time to "un-plug" from technology as to spend more time with the each other. We do the opposite. The kids and I have really been trying to limit our "screen time" during the weekdays this summer. Vacation is the time for us to all do what we want to do. That means blogging and checking FB for Mommy. DSi marathons for Jayce. Jaina's been loving her NOOK lately. And Brian? Well, I caught him checking something SAP for work on his laptop. I'm not gonna fuss at him because after 9 years of going to the beach with him, I know that this is something he needs to do to be happy.

With us on vacation we brought:

-2 laptops
-3 Nintendo DSi gaming systems
-2 Nooks
-1 DSLR camera
-1 portable DVD player
-2 cell phones

And a whole lot of chargers.

I also brought my cable for transferring images from my camera to my laptop. I typically don't ever put pictures on my laptop. I am extremely paranoid that my images will be lost if my laptop crashes. However, Brian taught me how to transfer files from my laptop to our hard drive at home so I don't have to leave them on this operating system. This means I might actually upload all my pictures from my camera every day instead of going through 1,000 photos at the end of our vacation. And then feeling way too overwhelmed to blog about our vacation.

Anyway, we are off to the beach this morning! Miss Jocelyn's very first time at the ocean! I hope she loves it and doesn't cry like Jaina did!


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